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Installing Ecodes on your 940 with foglights, step by step

Well I stand corrected. Bummer and I could use another pair. :-(
I'm currently talking to a wiring harness manufacturer about getting new inserts for the square plugs, all 14 gauge with the proper color wires.

Get back to us ASAP with info. This is win.

got them. the rubber Jackets aren't quite the same and would have to be potted in the plugs to stay. (the ridge isn't present) Also, the female bullets on the wires I got are just a bit bigger than the volvo ones, it seems...

If there's enough interest, I may be able to get them closer to plug and play...

I may start a feeler thread soonish, but I have to talk to the source first.

Where did you get these fuse sockets that fit on the front relay locking recesses? Mouser? Do you have a part # for them?
Few comments/suggested revisions.

1) Putting the negative terminal in a plastic bag is completely unnecessary, there is no way for the ground terminal to ground out.

2) wiring the e code corners proper is simple.
You will need a second set of bulb sockets and connectors and pigtails (5-6 inches should do) , solder and heat shrink tubing

The best way to do it: (first draft, will add wire colors and maybe pictures later)

1: remove the turn signal wire from the connector by opening the hinge on the side and pulling the wire and jacket out of the plug
2: remove the the turn signal and parking brake wires and jackets from one of your junkyard bulb socket plugs
3: put the turn signal wire you removed from the first connector into the turn signal wire spot on the second connector.
4: open the hinge, and pull the ground (black) wire out of the FIRST bulb connector, slide a 1-2 inch piece of heat shring tubing down this wire
5: the trickiest part, about 5-6 inches back on the ground wire, strip a 1/2" portion or so without cutting the wire. Use your stripper to cut the insulation in two places a half inch apart, then slit that portion with a razorblade, and remove the insulation.
6: strip the end of the ground wire on the second plug and wrap it around the stripped portion of the other ground wire. Solder. Then Slide the heatshrink you placed in step 4 up over the join and shrink it.
7: return the ground wire to the first plug.

You should now have one bulb socket wired for turn signals, and one wired for parking lights.

8: Run the turn signal bulb socket through through the top hole in the e-code bracket, and the parking light through the bottom.
9: Install the bulb sockets in the corner housing
10: Install the Corner Housing in the car.

Repeat for other side.

Updates, dude, UPDATES!!!

I need to know which wire is which! E-codes are going on this week.
Updates, dude, UPDATES!!!

I need to know which wire is which! E-codes are going on this week.

Honestly, you don't really need to know which wire is which to run the turn signals to two sockets. All you need to do is:

1) remove the ground wire from the socket on the car, and add another ground terminal to it following my instructions above.
2) return the original ground terminal to the socket, and put the newly added ground terminal in the same place on the other socket
3) remove either of the hot wires from the first socket (it doesn't matter which) and put it in the same spot on the other socket
4) repeat for the other side of the car

5) turn on flashers, put the bulbs that blink into the turn signal spots, put the ones that don't in the parking light spots.

Frigging foolproof, and only one solder join per side.

Pretty sure the ground wire is black.

If you needed the headlight wire colors, they're listed at the top of the thread.
I'm currently talking to a wiring harness manufacturer about getting new inserts for the square plugs, all 14 gauge with the proper color wires.

Can you not just blast right through those connecters with a drill?.... then wire direct to a set of Hella H4 connectors from the relays? saves having to track down bullet connectors.

I wired my non-fog 740 E-codes a couple weekends ago. Was easy since there's a rubber grommet on these. I just hacked out the stock E-code harness, and fed 12g wire through the grommet.

Parking/turn signal wire colors:

Driver's side:
Black - ground
White - parking lamp
Green - turn signal

Passenger's side:
Black - ground
Grey - parking lamp
Green-blue - turn signal
When I do this mod I think I may use connectors from an 850 starter relay to wire up the lights. I have a couple and the wires appear to be 14 (or maybe 12) gauge.
Installed my set of e-codes today. I used the connectors from an 850 starter relay which have wires that are the same gauge as the stock head light wiring. However if you go this route you need to open up the connector and move the smaller gauge wire to the ground side of your new e-code connector. And be aware that 2 of the wires on this connector are the same color so you may want to mark them as well so you don't confuse yourself.

Also, what kind of bulbs are you guys running in your lights? I bought a set of sylvania silverstar bulbs, as they were the only H4 bulbs available off the shelf but I would like to get the best bulbs that I can get. (I'd prefer not to do HID)
Just installed a set on my wife's 945T. There were no bulbs in the high and fog lights, and I wasn't sure which one was which. I assumed that the top would be the high beam and the bottom would be the fog light, but I wanted to be sure. I found this and I was right, but thought I would post it for others: the large section is the lo-beam, the small upper section is the high beam, and the small lower section is the built-in fog.

Also, I used the Euro turn signal, but just used the US turn signal bulb holder (park/turn) that came on the car in the top holder position, and just used a bulb holder in the bottom (to keep the dirt out) without wiring it up. It looks fine to me.
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Lazy man's way to wire the grounds, for future reference... Grab the ground wires from a set of 86+ 240 corners. They unplug from the corners with the same dinky bullet connectors, and then use them to handle the ground on your corners. Then, solder the other end to your original ground wires, and/or find a place to screw them to the chassis, like they were on the donor 240.
Zombie bump...is there anywhere I can get the radio suppression relay connector new for the headlight connector? The link posted on page 2 is dead, and I'd rather not use 4 individual bullet connectors.
I used relay connectors from an 850 starter relay, it's the same connector as the RSR and ecode headlights those are pretty plentiful in junkyards. 3 of the 4 pins have 12 gauge wire, I clipped off like 4, popped them open and put an extra heavy wire in the last pin.
On a related note....my DJ Auto clone E-codes have been in operation several years. However the lighting pattern they project are less than optimum. I never bothered to adjust them, but would like to now to optimize what I've got (as I've also got a set of OEM E-codes which I might exchange if the quality is better. Sure, I can starting twiddling those knobs....but I'd rather do it once.

Anyone got a link to the adjustment instructions? I'll check the BB 7/9 pages, but I don't recall seeing them there.