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Installing Ecodes on your 940 with foglights, step by step

Anyone got a link to the adjustment instructions?

--> CW adjustment
<-- CCW adjustment

Right headlight working left to right (outside to inside)

<-- Right Left -->

<-- Down Up -->

<-- Up Down -->

Left headlight working right to left (outside to inside)

<-- Left Right -->

<-- Down Up-->

<-- Up Down -->
Bumping an old thread to add a critical piece of information that I didn't spot skimming through it:

What are ecodes? American terminology for the type of headlights 740/940 cars got in Japan, Singapore and New Zealand, at least. And probably Europe, hence the E, I guess. Both of my 7/9 cars have these, and they are quite attractive. Far far more so than my US 740 from my 2009 road trip. I only figured this out when I image searched "US 940 volvo" and saw how ugly those lights are.

Why was I even looking at this thread? Searching for the colours of the fog/high beam wires:

White: High beam, top.
Red: Fog, bottom.

After replacing my stone damaged left light I had put the wires around the wrong way.

My fog switch or fuse or relay or some such is not happy, though. But that's a topic for another day.

If there any questions about sourcing that 4-pole connector, here's some bits I found:

As of right now, still available from Penta for ~$2 new. To see what cars have the female connector in the junkyard just go to the "volvooemparts.com" link and look at the "What This Fits" page--it was used from 1975 through 1998.