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instructions to get your own 240 m46 tranning in a picknpull



slip a set of rims under the car's tires..... disconnect driveshaft from tranny.. depress clutch and place a piece of wood between the tranny crossmember and clutch fork.. disconnect clutch cable and remove from holder.. remove wood (pry on fork and push it forward).. remove tranny cross member.. you are able to get to the top 2 tranny bolts with a super long extension (all bolts are 19mm except bottom 2 which are 17 mm).. remove other bolts.. get a used tire (off rim) and place it under the tranny.. take a flathead screwdriver and wedge it into the slot at the bottom of the tranny.. it should come out nicely.. some claim it required more force.. guess i was lucky.. rotate tranny so starter doesn't interfere with tunnel.. pull on rear of tranny and let it fall.. then cut wires to tranny.. now you have a spare m46 :-D
Thats nice...too bad it didnt wann go so nicely for me when i was removing my first M46 from my 740...
i had to remove the plate surrounding the shifter thats screwed to the chassis in the passenger compartment. that let the tranny drop, otherwise it catches on that and the flywheel.