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IPD Garage Sale, May 19, 2018

Since i know not everyone got their chance to hangout with me at davis, i figured i?d post a public service announcement:

IPD weekend hangouts with me are gonna be rough. I?m playing baseball at 8pm thursday night and 9am sunday morning. (Both games will be at the stadium in sellwood and i will be signing autographs after the game)

I?ll be hitting hard friday night, but definitely not past midnight on saturday. Plan accordingly or you?ll miss out on your chance to kick it with your favorite TBer

Not to **** on your parade, but you may be called in for work that weekend... as will I... :grrr:
Possible that the 242 might be making the trip. Checked the mixture on the 245. Zero degrees dwell, voltage at the test point reads 0.955 volts, and, if I backprobe the O2 sensor wire, it's around 2.2 volts, instead of varying between .3 and .8 volts like it should. Got the 242 so it'll at least try to run. Maybe by the end of the day today or sometime tomorrow, I'll have it running and driving.

Anybody know if there's a track night going? Just need to know if I should bring the helmet...

Track Night on 5/18. I was going to do that but decided to reschedule to june because going out will be more fun.

Drag racing on 5/19 though.
I just confirmed, there is E85 in PDX, so I'll fuel up there, get some E in the tank friday before running Saturday night. I'm not hauling the slicks up, still should be good for a mid-13 though...
245's going to iPd. All my problems (other than the timing) post head swap were caused by a broken ground wire for the Lambda-Sond system.
Gonna try and make it, but will be real busy tuning my 13c turboed redblock 745 546k thousand mile rat wagon that will be king of the bolbos sat night at PIR! Greenslips..

Bring yur 2 dorr 240's and watch my ass blow by.

Yeah leave yur slicks at home... I ain't gonna.

Just remember slicks, like dicks NHRA rule, driveshaft loop required..

Yeah the head gasket is blown, but it only blows water out the rear pipe so I go, go, go with it. Head might be cracked, I mighta torqued it down 180 instead of 90..
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