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IPD Garage Sale, May 19, 2018

One of these days there'll be a drag night where I'm not sneezing my head off...

Amusingly enough I managed to walk past the C304 twice without noticing it.
I had a blast, as usual. It always ends up being a long day. Did anyone else get caught in the mess of cars that was headed up NB 205? It took an hour from IPD to get on NB 205...:-(:grrr:. It was still a great time there, and I even won something I can use at the raflle; that's a perfect day indeed.:lol:

I was in the mess that was southbound 205... :raincloud:
All those hopped up volvo's and only a few showed up to actually race at PIR that night. Hats off to Gary racing his fabulous 90 740 show car wagon! That thing is nice! Quick too.

No getting caught in the drive over to PIR on columbia at all. If the road you wanna take is clogged, try the road to PIR...

Gotta know enough local knowledge for it to make a difference.
There was a guy selling all-metal heater valves last year who was missing this year. Shame because I wanted to buy one. Anyone have his contact info?