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Is my timing off?


Nov 18, 2007
88 Volvo 760 T 187K.

This is how it drives:

0 - 30 mph --> Nice and powerful accleration

then as soon as i past 30mph and around 2500 rpms the car has a noticable reduction is accleration. The car still moves but i can def. tell a major difference in accleration.

I did put back on my AC belt this weekend and i had to manually turn the crankshaft with a wrench.....

Do you think I slipped a tooth??
it would feel the same throughout the rpm band. I think mine is off a tooth, and it only really sucks at idle, its got lots otherwise. it dosent take long to re-time. I can have the belt off in 20 mins ish. just get a manual and make sure you get everything lined up correctly.