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Is your refrigerator running? Mark's '86 745 DD- the Frigidaire!


sex lights
Dec 10, 2006
This is the Fridge on the day I bought it from GrandmaSideways.

I paid $250.00, less the pictured wheels, for which he'd bought the car from a nineteen year old kid. I needed a car to chase parts for a few weeks while the V8 Wagon was apart.
It had over 400,000 km. It seemed to run okay but was filled with terrible mods the previous owner did attempting to "improve" the car. I wasn't worried- I could put up with that for a few weeks.

That was four years ago.

I abused this car. For years it got the absolute minimum required amount of anything it needed to remain running. Used parts (usually donated by Jason), a single annual oil change with the cheapest oil, and it never got a tank of anything over 87 octane. It refused to die.

About two years ago, I reached a crossroad. The e-brake cable had snapped, one ball joint sounded like a gravel crusher- it was too dangerous to continue driving. It was to the wreckers or (gasp!) actually do work on it.

Since then, it's gotten cleaned up. Various random bits have been swapped, usually to undo some tasteless, useless or dangerous modification the PO did to it. It still doesn't get much love.

Here's Fridge at over 428,000km, spattered with coffee some cocknozzle threw at it. Things are getting dire again. The clutch is slipping and the pistons are slapping, so once more it's time for a decision. One I made this weekend- I bought a beat (but well running) '94 940 turbo auto wagon. Over the next few weeks, I intend to swap the engine, the full LH 2.4 harness and ECU and a TON of other parts, with intentions of having it drivable for IPD.

More info soon!

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So much white.

You need to return to some white wheels.

so tempting... http://vancouver.en.craigslist.ca/rch/pts/3685732660.html


We'll see how much money I have after ordering all the stuff I need from IPD.
Planned Swapped Items
-Complete '94 Turbo Engine
-Most of the wiring harness
-Full HVAC system (see below)
-A fair amount of the interior
-Full rearend with G80 locker.
-Front brakes and calipers. (Assuming I can run the bigger Girling abs stuffs as non-abs... I read somewhere they're the same other than the sensor/tone ring? )
-Windshield washer assembly

New Stuff planned

-all the mounts
-new shifter bushings
-stage 2 Clutchnet clutch and PP
-finish off the existing 3" exhaust by building a 3" downpipe.
-OD mini rebuild
-rear main seal and trans seal
-a new stereo

some shots of the current engine bay;

Note the absent windshield washer hardware- the kid shaved the nozzles on the hood (better aerodynamics? :lol: ) so I'm looking forward to installing all that gear from the new car.

This is the piece d'resistance... yes, that's the ac evaporator doing duty as a heater core. It's survived for four years like that... car currently has two temperatures. Too hot and WAY too hot. It'll be a nightmare, but I'm looking forward to swapping in the entire dash from the 940, including all the HVAC stuff, then getting the AC charged and having a comfortable cabin temperature for the first time since buying it.

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Seriously, paint every single thing white, too. Stick a white marine radio in there (like

Or go with stainless, for a more modern, delorean look.

No, seriously, the color matched bumpers make me smile.
Some more classy mods here.

How to stop those sunroof leaks, Fridge style.

Still shines up alright though. Paint is as soft as frozen yogurt.

And here's the car I've unceremoniously dubbed as "the engine".

$300 off of CL... every single corner has a dent.

Engine bay- Wonderfully stock. odo stopped at 277km about a year ago, according to the PO, but the car has had regularish service and runs really quietly. Turbo was done two years ago, heater core about a year ago. I may replace the heater core anyway while it's out. I'd really REALLY rather never have to do that twice.

Last but not least- the dash is quite unmolested. Stock cassette player I'll be replacing with a cheap usb/bluetooth compatible deck. (likely not in marine white PhillyTim :-P )

Here's a question- I've got airbags in this one- anyone ever tried to retrofit airbags? It looks like there's a module under the seat and not much else... I'd be afraid of screwing it up though- I've no experience with airbags at all.

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Blue steelies...

Blue steelies !

And don't mess with airbags. I'm nervous enough that there are two in my brick... about to get them out by swapping the dash for a '89 760...