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It's alive, but not happy

Wow, no updates on this thing in days....guess that's a good thing?

Over the last 6 months, had to swap in a new radiator, new heater valve, and I've been playing with the tune a bit, got it mostly solid. Then of course it was time to swap back to LH for smog. No big, ECU/EZK/TPS/FPR, relearn it, call it good. Also have a fresh legit for the car cat on it, though only a 2.5". Rolled in to get it smogged, shop said no because of the intake setup. Went to the shop that has smogged it before, with the holset, they said no. 3rd shop said no, none of them have it on record though so I'm good to go still. That pretty much got me fed up enough to swap the airbox back in. Is it stock? HELL NO!!

Stocky stock appearance now aside from the red compressor housing which I'll deal with later.

I know, worthless without pic's...so here...







Gotta relearn the ECU a bit, seems to be delayed going rich into boost now, probably due to no filter right off the AMM. I actually really dig the setup though, with the plumbing being a bit cleaner and way less attention drawn to it.

Still miss MS, probably swap it back in in a couple weekends.
Wow man thats rough. California visual check sounds strict now. After reading this i will be keeping mine plug and play so i can do the ms to lh swap too. It seems like the visual is getting tougher here too.
Dude, since Jan 1 of this year all the techs are on edge to a point that it's ridiculous. 2 year license loss if caught passing something thru or some crap like that.

I'm leaving the damned airbox on there since we're getting more roadside inspections in the area, one of them about 10 minutes from my place, on a road I roll down sometimes.

In other news, definitely need to reset the ECU. Got the airbox buttoned up last night, filter in there now (wix until I get a K&N from a friend), definitely goes rich way later than it used to. Curious if it's the AMM reading less load due to the restricted intake, more load due to higher velocity thanks to a smaller pre-AMM tube, or if it's more due to a smoothed airflow thru it since there's a tube to smooth it out pre-AMM instead of just the filter on the end of the AMM.

Got some miles to drive this weekend so I should be able to get it reset and relearned before smogging it next week.
Okay, so, time to formally update this. After way too many years, I may have resolved the issue. Need more drive time to confirm.

While checking other stuff I randomly decided just to check the ECM ground and EZK ground. Easiest access was via AMM connector and power stage connectors, since both go to one or the other grounds on the intake. AMM/brown wire first. 0.5ohms. Eh, not great, not terrible. Went to make sure the lug was tight, touched the wire, it changed. Hmm, okay...queue the fjord wire wiggle test. Resistance on that ground varied from .5-1.5 ohms! Dammit, that ain't good. Cut/solder new end on, heatshrink, etc. Recheck, .3 ohms anytime. Cool, close enough. Off to the power stage. Same thing, .3-.7 ohms. Cut/solder, .25 ohms. Sweet. Over the week prior I had also redone high current cables and replaced the aged out battery, didn't change anything doing so.

Over the last week I've gotten the ECU relearned. AFR's seem stable, low 11's in boost, up to 15-17psi, up to 5k. Also heard some pinging in boost, as I would expect with our gas quality. Felt the EZK pull timing, pinging stopped, AFR's stayed 11's, so not hitting knock enrichment. Hmm, that's a damn good sign!

I fully expect things will change since I've now typed this out, but hopefully since it's behaved for several days and over 100 miles, it may actually be resolved.

I do still need to rotate the AC compressor over to confirm that isn't an issue, don't think so at this point, but still on the radar.

8 years of grief caused by a bad ground that always checked good until random odd circumstances. Damn you Volvo wiring!
Okay, so I finally got up the nerve. Rolled into it full tilt, let it learn those bins, backed out, rolled in again for longer, backed out. Finally took it to the top of 2nd on the floor. 19-20psi to 6500rpm, AFR's running 11.3-11.5. Initial roll-in was low 10's, second was 11's, so I know there's fuel there if needed with the #65 injectors. It was a clean pull til I backed out and damn the thing is quick. Probably throw some E85 in it for the lol's at this point.

Only real issue now is it's way late to go rich, doesn't richen up til around 8psi if under about 3800rpm. Need to see if I can borrow Elliott's Ostrich and get some seat time, do up a custom fuel map, then rock and roll.

It has NEVER pulled clean in LH on pump gas to the limiter. Granted it's upper 40's out right now but still.

Makes me like driving it that much more now!
Believe me, I did last night. Poor little HHR SS wasn't pleased but that's not my problem.

Gotta deal with that late to richen up bit, may trim the AFR's a touch, but hopefully it'll see some track time with a 50/50 blend, and hopefully crack the low 13 mark before swapping to the 531.
I'm leaving the damned airbox on there since we're getting more roadside inspections in the area, one of them about 10 minutes from my place, on a road I roll down sometimes.

Wait what? Roadside inspections? Do you mean from suspicious CHP, or are there actual roadside random emissions checks like they have in Arizona?
Yeah, that one time, when it ran great but had cranking problems, randomly died for no reason, etc. and had comparable power to now? Yup.

Our inspections can be anything from having a cop check if you're pulled over to actual roadside trailers setup so you can get flagged over for a random test.
Finally, a good night at the track! First 3 runs were 13.78-13.79 at 99.8-100.xx, last was 13.5 @ 100 once I got the left lane and had time to spool it up to get a good launch. 2.0 60', .023 rt.
Well guys...more inspection after having more timing pulls and knock enrichment. But now I can fix it temporarily, or break it temporarily. In other words...I found the issue! Consistent, repeatable results both to create and eliminate the issue. Been testing for a month to confirm.

Put a piece of tape on the compressor to mark it's position when it would pull clean. With engine vibration it would slowly rotate, and eventually start pulling timing again. Move it back around, pulled clean. Move it manually, pulled timing, straight up again, pulled clean. Even tried this same key cycle with repeatable results.

Point of all this...the go*************************************************************ing AC compressore has been the cause of this entire thread for the last 8 f'ing years!

So, the latest attempt, should know tomorrow, is swapping back to the early compressor mounting bracket that still uses bushings, and installing oem Volvo rubber bushings on the compressor. Hopefully that will damped any vibrations from the compressor.

Next question though...this thing put down 275rwhp on E85 with timing being pulled. With full timing, what will it do? I've been running on straight 91* the last couple tanks, seeing consistent 10.8-11.3 AFR's at WOT. Probably could pull a little fuel out, need to get it going rich earlier on as well, but I need some time with an Ostrich and codriver. With that fixed I could probably get away just leaving it on LH, have it run like made without the quirks of MS.

Been quite the adventure, glad it's finally making forward progress.

And now the diff is leaking.
Nope, the compressor was rattling internally, transferring that to the block. Rotating the clutch plate shifted the internals around so they didn't rattle.

Yeah...trippy ain't it.
Nice! Excellent fault tracing. Shows a problem can energe from the strangest of places... Kinda the same with my 240 now, this thread gives me good pointers where to look!
Our inspections can be anything from having a cop check if you're pulled over to actual roadside trailers setup so you can get flagged over for a random test.

FYI those roadside emissions tests are completely optional and voluntary. You can decline and be on your merry way (legally - not sure if they would still hassle you anyway).


How do these surveys affect consumers?
Participation in the survey is voluntary. There are no consequences to consumers, regardless of their vehicle's emission control equipment or its emission levels. At the conclusion of the inspection, the participants receive a Vehicle Inspection Report (VIR) detailing the results of the test.

Glad to hear you found your elusive issue.
You obviously don't live where it gets over 80*.

So, test drive to work, fine. Fueled up, rotated the compressor around to a known problem spot, still a problem.

Guess it's time for a new compressor. At least the system is discharged right now anyway...