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Josh's 242


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Dec 5, 2009
Portland, OR
Hey all, i figured i should finally make a real project thread for my car rather than just post random pics of it all over the place. so here ya go:

current state:

I purchased this car about 4 years ago when i was trying to sell my old turbo wagon. I had a couple 244's, then I wanted something turbo, so i bought an 83 turbo wagon. It was cool and I drove it around for a summer, kinda liked it, but shortly after wanted a 242. I initially looked for a white 242ti, but could not find anything. Then this blue car popped up on CL, and fortunately I was the first one to call about it. Test drove it and the car looked clean and ran sorta alright, so I put a deposit down on it and bought it the following weekend. At this point i had a few 240s and needed to get rid of 2:

Sold off the wagon the 244, leaving me with this blue heap. After driving the wagon around for a summer it was a little bit of a transition to driving this slow, loud, boat-like handling, big door blue piece of ****. I didn't really like it at first, but it had some potential.

So it was time to start addressing a few things with the blue car. First thing that was done was put a new stereo in it that wasn't stuck on a 90's jazz station with speakers from the stone age. I wired in my old head unit from the wagon and put some 6" speakers in front with 6x9's in the rear from my old 244. It worked fine for a temporary setup but i changed it later on. With that sorted, I began working out the car's mechanical problems. I just threw a bunch of parts at it like a new timing belt and seals, v belts, access. bushings, ps lines, motor mounts, trans mounts, cleaned injectors and new seals, vacuum lines, spark plugs and wires, all new fluids, amm, fpr, tps, iac, tb gasket, and a couple things i can't remember off the top of my head. But after all this, the car ran pretty well and I liked the better milage i was getting. no pics of that though. I then realized my car was as tall as a monster truck and handled like a boat, so i had to take care of that. Got some ipd springs, turbo sways, virgos with new falkens and put all that on, and that looked like this:
whoa that pic looks weird.

Handled worlds better than before, and it even drove alright. The car stayed like that for awhile, I drove every day and looked alright. Then I picked up a oem rack and Thule fairing not long after:

I liked the way it looked, so i kept it that way for awhile. Then i picked up an ipd sport exhaust, Bosch pilot 150's in yellow, and ipd sways in 25/25

put studs on my old gt wheels that came with the car and drove it up to the mountain a bunch

worked great, and was fun sliding around on timberline road.

picked up a new oil temp gauge from Cameron and put that in

then the car just rolled over 200k, meaning I had put 14k on it myself.

Drove the car down to SF and went to Davis too. Picked up a gt lip from Ken:

was pretty stoked on that. mounted it up to the toy bumpers and it looked like this:

put a turbo 3 gauge thingy in with all new VDO Vision gauges and put red led's in:

Then I realized the car still sat higher to my liking. I began collecting coil over parts, which resulted in these:

standard length Koni yellows at the stiffest setting, eibach ers springs in 8"x400lb, coleman racing sleeves and adjusters, Kaplhenke top hats and weld rings, and s10 bilsteins with cut springs in the back. Installed those guys and the car initially sat like this:

Lowered it and messed with it for a week and it sat at this hight for awhile:

put more jdm led's in everything:

the clutch was finally starting to slip and the pressure plate felt like ****, so it got a new clutch kit:


Made a sub box and put a wood floor in the back, because bitches love wood floors:

re-did and cleaned up the intake side of the motor because i thought the car idled funny:

much better

Fixed a couple cracks in the Thule fairing and repainted it, even hand stenciled the Thule lettering back on:

then took it off a week later. Went to a bunch of local meets a cruises, and went down to Davis again:

with young trap lord aka ansel+

got a chance to play both sides of the olympic club while i was down there, beautiful course. the guys who worked there washed my car haha

went to the Davis show and had a great time, should have taken more pictures though.

Ended up lowering the car more and more and it sat like this for awhile:

went to a bunch of meets with these two kids:

Didn't really work on it too much this summer, just drove it too meets and had fun. Helped a couple buddies out with their cars though. Test fitted Bryce's wheels on it:

I liked them. And lowered the front a little more since that pic.

helped install coil overs on this stupid piece of **** black car:

helped out on this engine swap for this dumb slow silver thing:

and all these guys with their ****ty volvos showed up to help too:

Summer ended and fall term started, so I didn't have much time for this car between school and work, and not much got done.

except I blew my car up.

geez it sucks to tow a lowered car. Had to call a friend to bring me tools so i could remove the front bumper and spin the front coils up in the middle of a busy road at night. then 7or 8 tow trucks just refused to tow my car. But it worked out.

Whoops. Blew up the m46 and rear end. Collected parts for all that, and even threw some cool stuff in there while it was apart, like ipd adjustable torque rods and poly bushings.

Got the car driving again and i was a happy camper. Although the ****ty part is I had planned on purchasing a set of nice wheels for the car, and a week previous to that I just had to blow my **** up and fix that. oh well, life.

Winter break rolled around and instead of working on my car and fixing a few things like i planned i just made a new loud boat actor that replaces my old one (still deciding on a finish for it) and worked on friend's cars because mine is stupid anyways.

made my car a little more festive for the holidays

Went up to the Nw Toy Run with a bunch of Portland guys and had fun at the meet:


Asher's car was running too much swag and blew the flux capacitor


driving back home in the jdm submarine:

was a fun trip.

That about brings this thing up to date. I have a couple plans for it, but I don't plan on doing anything real big to it until summer time or maybe spring when I have more time.

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lol nice thread mate. My slow silver piece of **** is now a slightly quicker piece of ****.
It's coming soon enough
Cool and clean little car! Like the Lows!! ;)
Nice car! Should have kept the wagon!
Dat color code doe
One of my Favorites
lol nice thread mate. My slow silver piece of **** is now a slightly quicker piece of ****.
It's getting there
Nice car man looks good! :nod: Swagtastic.
Looks nice. Now lower it.
Looks nice now lower it.
I'm Trying
Good ****! When i saw this car i thought it was just on bump stops. Good job going coilovers!
haha thanks
i like your car, can we be friends? basedgod?
Who's based god?
Hello could you please post a picture of a turtle in your trunk?
I have a giant tortoise that I could provide for this photography.
wat is this i don't even
wtf were me and ansel doing in that pic of our cars by that long empty straightaway by your place?
Update time.

went to the ARD thing last saturday, Cool meet and even won this best in show thing.

Worked on the car a little this week. Messed with the base idle and got it to smooth out a little. Found a split vacuum hose off the fpr and fixed that. The car is running really good right now so I'm happy about that.

Then today I finally put in my Ipd adjustable panhard rod.
Here's a few pics of that:

What's left of my rear springs:

For some reason only 1 bushing was bad on the old one

And installed along with my other Ipd stuff and s10 bilsteins

And that's about it for now. I'll have another update soonish that will be much cooler than this
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