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just got a volvo 850


Active member
Mar 1, 2008
Santa Cruz, CA
I just got my first volvo about a month ago. I dont know if this forum is for the 850, but this seems to be the website I have heard of the most when it comes to volvo cars. I know that the turbo brick is the turbo 240 or 740. I am hoping there are other 850 owners around. Mine is a 1993 non turbo 5 speed.
Right now I am ordering new motor mounts for the 850. I ordered the one that goes next to the crankshaft pulley (front motor mount), the anti torque bar(on the bottom front of the transmission). On the motor mount on the top (the one that goes from the top of the engine to the firewall, and always rips) I was going to get the polyurethane one, but the supplier no longer carried it. Does anyone know where I can get a polyurethane one?
Polyurethane one at ipdusa.com...25 $....

I have a 93 850, 5-speed....great daily driver..
not as fast as a turbo, but great first volvo to learn how to work/drive/love them...
I'm trying to get mine to about 200HP or so...so far I'm at stock!