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Kyle's orphan 220 amazon wagon

I finally got this thing rolling and steering and got it down to dad's shop for an alignment. I'm happy to report that everything came out good, I must have measured something right when I was blindly hacking up the suspension...



I wanted to keep the camber reasonable, this thing isn't a race car.

As of now I'm working on the ITB setup. Getting runners cut and fit, etc. They are ~2003 GSXR 1000 throttles, and the trumpets were supplied by DanSTEngineering. They make bolt up manifolds for the VW crowd to use this bike stuff, I've got one on my GTI as a matter of fact. No such luck here, so we'll make one up. The angle iron is just temporary to hold them together for fitting.


Made a little more progress on the front brakes tonight. I'm making a 2 piece adapter to work for these things for now, and I finally got around to cutting out the second piece on the water jet. It still needs some trimming to work, but it should end up working out great.


My 16" wheels clear easily, and the stock steelies would probably clear with a little more spacer. I'm probably going to keep what I have and grind the calipers a little. It only needs a mm or 2 and it will be fine. Good enough for a spare at least.

These are now on the 740 turbo rotors, same as guys are running on the 240s with these calipers.





Check out the sweet spare tire! Sunfull brand...it was literally the cheapest most Chinese thing I could find. Came from pep boys off ebay, but it's almost exactly the same diameter as the primary tires are.


A little snug along the front edge.

Updates. Finished the front brakes. I've loaded the RX7 calipers with EBC greenstuff pads, and got some 3AN lines from Pegasus Racing to feed them. The adapters I made needed some minor changes but overall they were pretty good.



I've been working on the gauge cluster for a while now as well, I finally got it cleaned up and in the car. The SEM paint really turned out nice, I'm totally happy with how it looks.



I've got a tach I'm going to throw in there too, just gotta decide on the right spot. I might hack up the dash some more to put it opposite of the oil gauge.

Finished the intake manifold this week as well. I've still got to tie the throttle linkages together, but they're standing on their own for now. The fuel rail is quite tight, so I'll have to modify it to fit some.




I did run into a tight spot with the thermostat water neck. I was able to make an adapter to rotate it about 45 degrees, that was enough to get it to clear the intake.




I've still got to get some water temp sensors in there somewhere, but I'll worry about that later.
Got the alternator installation started yesterday. I bought a sweet laser alignment tool from Dayco that made it super straight forward. It shoots a laser line onto a target to help you judge where the alignment is. The alternator itself is from a 98 Jeep Cherokee, it's the only thing I could find that would fit and had the same belt type as the stock crankshaft. Dayco also has a nifty belt length database on their website that allows you to search by length, so finding a belt was super simple.




I guess those two tabs will be ok? I thought about adding one on either side of the alternator flange but I'm not set on it yet. Now that I think of it I could just weld a collar across there and it would take a lot of the shear out of it, I'll have to do that. I have yet to make an upper bracket, so that will have to happen.
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I've been so damn busy lately I haven't had time to update this thing. I'll go into detail later, but for now here's some cliffnotes.

The car now runs and drives on MS3pro. I'm working towards my cross country road trip Saturday. You can follow along on Instagram if you like, I'm @stick70.
FINALLY I finished the pedals. I'm missing one line in this picture but here's what I ended up with:

Made an equal length header for this thing:

And finalized the rest of the engine bay. The ITBs seem to be working out really nicely.



Threw an exhaust on there:

And pulled it outside yesterday to get a windsheild put back in it:


I've still got a lot of tuning and work to do on the air suspension system but this car is going on this trip or I'm going to die trying.
I just found you on social media and totally missed this thread until now :raincloud:

This is amazing work. Keep it up.
Thanks guys! I've still got some stuff to sort out but it starts, runs, and drives fine. I need to mess with the clutch, it just feels strange. The brakes have a definite pull to the left even though everything is new. Needs more spark tuning for sure and I never even messed with Accel enrich, so theres improvement there to be had. I've got a driveshaft? vibration. I think from when I swapped that yoke, I'm going to get it rebalanced.

It's still a riot to drive. Its supposed to rain all week here, but I'll try and get a video up of it.