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late model 91-93 volvo 240 evaporator revisions


Nov 15, 2017
So I have a 93 style ac box in my 84 240 v8 swap. I made lines and have great cooling AC. The problem is I have a very slow leak and it bothers me. The leak has to be in the evaporator. I put some dye in the line and with the UV light I can see a light glow from the evap box through the window. The problem is the evaporator from my car has two hard lines that attach to the evaporator to get to the engine bay. With my engine placement, I can't use these lines and so I just removed them and made custom hoses for the evaporator with these lines removed. Now the issue is all of the aftermarket evaporators have these bolt on lines as part of the evaporator. Do you guys know if I just had a weird random evaporator(seemed original) or if it was just on certain year cars? I put a want ad on here and the people willing to send me photos, had evaporators the same as the aftermarket one I bought. I'm currently looking for a tool to flare the ends so I can just cut off the extra pipe but it hasn't worked out so far. I was hoping to get a replacement so I could just swap them out, pull a vacuum, and fill it back up. If it stays open too long I'll have to bake the drier and I really don't want to remove it.
Why not evacuate the system? Disconnect the lines and get new orings and use anaerobic thread sealant on the fittings and threads. If the grid itself is leaking you can solder it or have a radiator shop solder it. Have it pressure tested when done.
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With Volvo, you never know. They buy from different suppliers at times. That unusual evaporator you have could’ve been original. The ones I’ve seen certainly are not like it. Never say never with Volvo. It’ll bite you in the butt every time.
Do you mean the foam rubber encased hard lines with the triple bends shown here (click for full size)? AFAIK, those are 100% original and I've never seen anything different.
Under the foam there are joints on my evaporator about where I put the yellow lines here. The aftermarket unit I bought has solid lines(with no breaks) all the way through the firewall.

Do you mean the foam rubber encased hard lines with the triple bends shown here (click for full size)? AFAIK, those are 100% original and I've never seen anything different.
Just to show that I'm not crazy. This is a late model system with the late style core(just different fittings apparently) I run an orifice tube, sanden compressor, and I made all the lines here at the house. Works great. I ran it up with nitrogen and couldnt find the slow leak. Checked it with dye and found it in the window for the evaporator.

If I could find a tool to make these crimps I would just cut off the extra length of line and move the fittings down. Its called a male insert oring fitting. Checked a bunch of AC places and they all told me no.

Thanks for all the replies btw.

The engine bay is still a work in progress. Fan controller is now tucked and PCV system is waiting to go in.

Found one of the old pipes I saved. So in the picture I have a new aftermarket one. This is one of the old pipes that connected to my evaporator.