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Late night spam bots

Don't forget "big tweaker wheels". That's what he called my 17" wheels on my 79 242 when I was selling it lol. It had R brakes, maybe he wanted me to put tiny brakes on again. We always had to agree to disagree on mods. Pretty sure he didn't like my 5.3L engine either.
Another one at it
Indeed. I didn't think about it with the last few university spammers, but they all share the same '707091118' phrase, which I believe someone here mentioned was a WeChat number or something. I'm wondering if it's possible to just block that phrase, since I doubt that anyone on here is sincerely going to repost that specific series of numbers.

Then again, the spammer could just change or omit the number, I dunno - it's 6:10 am and I'm just on my phone in bed because I forgot that I don't work on the weekends.

This is a MASSIVE problem on all Xenforo based boards I'm on that don't require an administrator to approve all new accounts. Just a "feature" of the forum software, I suppose.

On another board I'm on there was legit 139 pages of spam threads overnight in one of these blasts, but the Admins aren't home so one of the mods performs cleanup nearly every morning.

That said, if you want Tom Selleck Keto Gummies, I know a guy.
IP seems OK enough, from NY/NJ. Post is sort of on topic, but vague and unceremoniously dumped on a necro-thread. Account was made around 3 years ago, this is the first post.

Summary: Weird, but not quite banning weird. So far.