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Lh 2.2 3" maf and injector size


Mar 1, 2023
Knoxville Tennessee
I know this has been feet over and over and talk about but I still can't seem to find a lot about it even when I use the search option so pretty much I have an 87 760 Turbo all the stays zero has been done on it pretty much stock everything besides I boost controller and a 3 in math and adjustable fuel pressure regulator so I was just wondering if anybody had any more input on what injectors would be a good option to pick on this thank you!
I used #46 injectors with a 3" MAF, no chips and my AFR was usually pretty good. But I also had a T3/T04E 50 trim turbo. Get a wideband, really should have that if you want to start plating with fuel and boost.

Chips would have helped a lot, it would shoot huge flames out the exhaust when shifting.

Edit: I did that on LH2.4, Idk if that would work for 2.2
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3 inch matches 550cc with gas or 750cc with E85. With lots of boost...
Awesome. Thanks for the response. I just picked up some RC 550'S yesterday, hopefully those will do the trick.
Currently I have been running the stock T3 turbo and running it up to around 15 to 18 PSI with some brown 5 cylinder injectors in it and just bypassed the resistors and I put an adjustable fuel pressure regulator on it and brought the fuel pressure up a little bit to try to squeeze a little bit more out of the injectors I have. I have an NPR intercooler on it and I have taken a bunch of weight out of the car so it was pretty quick like it is. But I'm really hoping these injectors help I put the the 007 maf in a 3-in PVC tube and made sure it was sealed very good and took a my time with it. but now with the newly sized maf when I'm driving it under boost it definitely feels like it needs more fuel I haven't got on it real hard or anything I've only drove it twice but yeah I'm hoping the injectors help because it's just kind of flat I also ordered some resistors off of eBay.
I also have an aem wideband ordered to.