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LH2.4 crank no start

Alright so the car is running again. Thanks for all the suggestions! I didn’t read them all in time but it may help someone else.

It ended up being the ignition computer that failed. Unfortunately I can’t be helpful in how to diagnose this since I just started swapping parts with known good ones until the car started.

A reminder that it’s good to keep at least one spare of every electronic part of an old car if you need to depend on it. :)
That's really rare, yet, not unheard of.
Yeah well the car was sitting outside at work under a layer of snow for a few weeks. I then brought it in to let it thaw but it was in the way so I had to bring it outside again an hour later. I then pulled it in for another hour or so before I had to move it again, which is when it just stopped.

My guess is something in the 35 year old circuit board didn’t like the sudden temperature changes and let go.
Could be solder joints cracking under temperature cycling, yup. Also could have been a bad connection to the harness somehow. vOv