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Looking for a new cam for a Unitek 531 I have...or just keep the Unitek Phase 1 ?


Location: Michigan
Nov 12, 2002
Looking for a new cam for this Unitek head.

Might change out the springs. I tried to find the Unitek catalog for more specs on this head, but that hasn't been all that successful.

Qwkswedes / Kens old head I ended up with from another member [wisturbo]

From their threads on it:

It was called a stage II or Uniflo II I think. Turbo specific.
stock 44mm intake, and a larger 37mm exhaust.
It has a fair amount of port and chamber smoothing and mild enlarging
All exhaust studs have been removed, and the holes were re-machined for larger studs.
Lots of good basic machine work and all new parts.
Uniflo II cam. Its a regrind.

I have a Unitek Phase 1 [which I am assuming is the Enem V15] in the car now with a rebuilt / mild port work 530.

Since the car isn't worth much if anything anymore, I feel bad to part it [currently...and because I have had it a long time]. Even as a beater, it could be fun I guess.

I'll look more into the "Uniflo II" cam to see what I can dig up on it.

Turbo is a Super 60/63 from Turbonetics on a ported out 90+ with external gate [Peter L old DP/external set up from his 744]...and I would go with a sheet metal intake for it if it gets to that point.

Might swap to a full header just for fun.

Still on LH2.2 for now. Blown M46 [with a Supra gearbox swap in the garage, need to get on that this spring i suppose]

So do I go for an RSI cam or just drop the 531 in with the Phase 1? RSI stage 2, 3 or? Looking for people with these cams...

Cam is a reground T


Misc pics



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Apparently no one has any RSI cams by lack of responses :lol:

I may just keep the Phase 1, but want to see my options...
RSI stage II or III IMO would be quite nice...the stage II would probably play nicer with LH though.
I'll look into them both, thanks for the LH tip...

Not sure what I will do for EFI yet...but it will be LH2.2 until it is set up right, then maybe a LH2.4 conversion.
The reground T cam is smaller than you'd prefer I would think, as it isn't going to have much lift and the 531 really starts to show it's beneficial intake port at lifts over 12mm. I wonder how it compares to the ENEM V15 though, it could be similar. If it was sent with the head, it likely is a good match... Can't hurt to try it out both ways, but I'd think something even larger would be better.

If looking at cams available in the states for low bang for the buck, the RSI Stage 2 cam is what I'd be looking at, if you change from the two you already have(may not be worth it).

I've never heard of that reground T cam from Unitek though, so I don't know that anyone will be able to give you advice one way or another.

With the setup you have now, either of your current camshafts would likely be a good match and help produce a wide powerband. IMO. No change NEEDed, but we're always curious.
I'm planning on getting the car together this spring sometime so I have time to look for a cam if I decide to change.

I will have to check with RSi. I was going to buy a cam several months ago but I had too much going on and wasn't here for a while and missed their group buy / sales.