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m46 Overdrive Help


Active member
Dec 5, 2009
Portland, OR
so about 2 days ago my overdrive just stopped working. figured the swich wasnt connected and i pulled the knob off, reconnected it and it still didnt work. weird. so today i removed the boot and saw this.

looks like someone has been here before me. great. the wires were just cut for some reason and someone had just stripped them, intertwined them and wrapped it in tape. ****ing idiots. and not just the overdrive wires, but the other wires right next to it that i have no idea what they are for as well. so i made new wire to connect from the swich on the knob to the existing wires that i will cut back, and reconnect the right way.

i have a few questions.
how do i remove the chrome shifter to get the peice of wiring loom that i cant get outof the shifer? just drill out the rivet at the base and re rivet?
and what are those other wires for? and those will be repaired properly as well.

any help or advice would be greatly appriciated
thanks, josh
The other wires are there for your reverse lights switch and the other set is for your overdrive safety switch. IIRC both are located on opposite sides of the trans so don't pull them apart before you mark their place. When you pull the pin and pull the shifter, the reverse mechanism will go with it. Inside are 2 rubber spacer rings. One on top and one on the bottom. Each of them have a cutout groove for the reversing mechanism. But I think the top one has two,the second groove is for the OD wires, but i can't remember if the is a second groove as I haven't taken mine apart to play with for quite a while.

Putting it all back together will be a different story.

It's not a solid pin, it's an expending roll pin. So try not to damage it too much when you're punching/pulling it out.
fixed it. wasnt very hard at all, the hardest part was putting the shifterboot clips back in:grrr:

ran the wires

and made the connections.

engages perfect now