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making a throttle body?

I think the hardest part will be getting a good shape for the throttle plate. I have a bunch of brass sheet I snagged one year, but I decided not to attempt making one.

Good luck with it.
To start off, I am a trained machinist, and I do have access to the correct tools.


any machinest should be able to look at an existing design(s) and go from there.....I'd use bushings for the throttle shaft instead of the bare aluminum housing...

the throttle plate can be layed out in your favorite CAD/CAM package to get the correct oblong feature
Make the throttle plate triangular!....Or maybe take a shaft and plate out of an existing TB and machine a housing to suit your app.
I made my plate by spinning a roughly cut piece in a drill press and shaping it into a oversize circle with a disc grinder. Later I shaped it into ellipse by hand. The hole in the middle has been plugged since. It has been holding up well for several years now.

i would run a q45 or something and, ya know, mount it

old f1 cars had a sliding plate w/a hole in it, no flapper at wot
I have tried to make one too, but the problem was the throttle plate, it won't seal if it's not oval, or if it's round it will need to be perectly closed to seal right, but has a tendency to stick closed... If i was you, I would try to do a sliding thottle body. A little more parts needed, but in the end may be more worth the time to do it.

Edit: just read the ben reply, yeah sliding throttle body was already mentioned.... so +1 on sliding tb! The last time and only one I've seen it was on a bmw m series, it was an itb.
If you wanted to get real slick, a barrel throttle would be the beeez knees. You get the modulation of a traditional throttle body, and the wide open hole of a slider.
mike- what were the specs on what you were going to run

I am trying to cobble an EFI manifold for a 2TC. I have some 4A-FE stuff, but the throttle body isn't right. I am looking at Hondas, GM, Ford, etc. I still might have to make one, but I will use an existing shaft and plate if possible.
Why would you want to make one? They're not hard to find in just about any size you could want.

If anyone's interested, I have an 850 throttle body (TPS not included), it's much larger than the B230 type, I can measure it if anyone is interested. I'd let it go for 10 bucks, I don't need it.
I saw this idea on a website in australia...
I can't find it now however...


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There is an English car magazine called Practical Performance Car and in the first few issues a couple of years ago they mede a set of throttle bodies to fit a track day Vauxhall.

They used a plate to bolt to the motor, bored out a tube of ally and welded it on, along with an injector boss, and used the bushed, spindles, seals, and butterflies from a Weber DCOE. You can buy the Weber bits quite cheap.

It could be worth emailing them to ask if they will send you a copy of the articles, as those issues are now out of print. The Editor is Will Holman and you can find him at www.ppcmag.co.uk and I think the email is on the website.