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Mannes Volvo 245 -77


New member
Oct 8, 2014
Time to start up a new build!

Might say some word about me first.
I'm a 27 year old Swede with a passion for old Volvos!
I'm a sheetmetal worker and I love fabrication and problem solveing :cool:

My previous build http://www.speedhunters.com/2013/06/a-labour-ovlov-the-turbo-bmw-powered-volvo/

That car has been used in traffic, never on a track.
A few friends of mine are drifting, and I have been joining them for a few years and had passenger rides and so on. I just love the whole drifting community.
That's why I felt like I wanted to try it out. And since I love the building part, I wanted to start over from scratch!

So my quest for a descent object started!
I was looking for an old 245, why? Because I love wagons, and The old ones have more charm in my opinion.

After a few weeks I found one, 300 km away. So I gathered some friends and we did a Sunday roadtrip.
It wasn't really in the shape the seller promised, one of the bad things was the headgasket. But after some adjustment on the price I bought it.
Drove it all the way home, and used it as my daily for a couple of months. Still with bad headgasket, so I had to refill water twice a week.
But two weeks ago I finally got my car from work, so the Volvo could take place in the garage!

My plans in general.

Bmw m50b25 bottom, 2,8L crankshaft, H-profile rods. Precision 6266 turbocharger and so on.
Full rollcage.
Stripped interior.
Plastic windows.
Front suspention, wheelhubs, trailing arms, steering column will be replaced/modified to be able to get a nice steering angle.
Kaplhenke panhardbar
Kaplhenke torquerods
Kaplhenke spherical bushings
Kaplhenke adjustable strutmounts
Bigger brakes.
Glassfibre trunk, hood, front.

And The best if all, 164 frontend!


My Volvos gathered!


Swedish iron!


Just moved in to a new garage. 265 square meters.
We'll be 7 friends in here. Everybody should be here by the 1 december.


Hood and fenders!


The frontend on 240 and 160 isn't really the same, so I have to relocate the wheelarch a bit. But I don't think that will be a problem.

As I Tore it down, I weight some of the parts.
All 4 doors 90 kg
Hood 21 kg
Trunk 22 kg

So there's a lot of weight to get rid of there.
The green 242 weights 1160. And I have no glassfibre parts on that one.
So I hope to get under 1100 on this one.

I got curious to see how the print would match.
And I noticed that It's a bit different :-P
The Hood is not as wide in front. Guess the 164 is more narr in the front.


I took all the vibration/noise restrictors (not sure how to translate that) out.


Almost 13 kg!


Found some rust in the floor, so I have to replace some parts.

I will update some more tomorrow with the progress for the weekend!
**** you're the guy with the supercharger on your 940 right? can you post a build thread on that as well?

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/4SdTkesZ7nk" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
Nice! A thread to follow!

I hope you will like it til the end!

Did the hood, at least, bolt on?

No the hinges are different, and in a different place.

Since I'm not gonna use hinges I didn't try. But now I know they dont match :lol:

**** you're the guy with the supercharger on your 940 right? can you post a build thread on that as well?


Yeah that's my old car, sold it for two months ago.
So there will be no thread on that one from me.
Old engine is out!


Took everything else away from the enginebay. Just need to clean it up.
I also cut out the front parts of the innerfenders.
I will not replace them, it will stay open.



Rollcage is here!


I got some parts from TXR Performance, it's their 740/940 trailing arms, they're 70mm wider than stock.
I'm gonna make adapters so they can be used on 240.
You can also see my new shifter!




We want a whole car for that.

It includes parallell steering adapters as well. But yeah, you can get a sh*tbox for that kind of money :oogle:

A friend has a bmw 528 e39, took the engine out of it today. I'm gonna take the crankshaft from that engine.


Got some parts today, have to fix the rust before i start with the rollcage.
I'm really looking forward to get the rollcage in!

Awesome project.

What advantage does leaving the front fenders open like that provide? Does the BMW engine need that extra space for turbos and the like?

Awesome project.

What advantage does leaving the front fenders open like that provide? Does the BMW engine need that extra space for turbos and the like?



Not much acctually.
It's mostly to make room for the headlights and The slightly shorter 164 fenders. So I had to cut them a bit in the front. But I didn't see the reason to leave them half cut, So now they're gone ;-)
But it makes intercooler pipings and to clear hoses for oilcooler and stuff like that easier.
Plus it looks rad, in my opinion :D
Bought a hatch for a express, you know the ones with higher roofs.


Perfect fit!


Well that's better!


No you're probably thinkin why the Fuu I didn't find one that fits!?
It's because these are made of glassfibre originaly!
But it weights a bit over 10 kg stripped, it's really thick.

After some cutting i'm now down to 4,5 kg! :thumbup:

Bought some wheels yesterday, well used and abused, terrible paintjob.
But it was the model and brand looking for!
17 x 8,5" et 13 och 10" et 20.
Tires are 235/45 in the rear now, that's what I'm gonna use later as well.


The 240's are surprisingly generous with wide wheels in the rear. It's 25 mm spacers now, so et -5. Will probably do with rolled fenders.
But I'll look more into that when the car drops a bunch of centimeters.