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240 Manual swap questions


New member
Dec 11, 2007
Lexington, Ky.
Hey all, I am finally getting around to swapping a manual transmission into my 92' 245. I have a couple of questions.

What size snap-ring holds the pilot bearing in on a b230f?
Is that snap-ring necessary?

I don't know the answer, however it appears you have it already. I can say it is refreshing to see a thread with a title like this, containing a concisely put, valid question from someone who has obviously already done their research... Been a while.... A welcome change from the usual "I wanna manual swap my car, how do i do it?"
Thank you sir.
120627 - Pilot Bearing Retaining Clip - 6842797 $2.39

Pro tip:

Rent / borrow the pilot bearing puller at O'Reilly's before you get in there, and don't hit the pilot bearing's center bearing race when tapping it in.

Find the right 1/2" drive socket and extension to set it.

The wire circlip kinda twists up in there, and is easy to gimp up so be careful fooling with it.
Excellent, thanks for the info guys. I'm trying to make sure I have all of my ducks in a row before I crack into this. I want to take a weekend and knock it out.

Another question.

The clutch return spring.

Does it mount to the clutch fork and then to the trans X-member?
Does it mount under the dash with the pedal cluster?

Thanks again for the help!
The long return spring with the hook ends fits into a hole by the crossmember and goes to the clutch actuator arm on the bell housing. If you look carefully at the trans mount bracket on the trans you will see a hole there for the spring.
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