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May 20-22, 2011 Carlisle Import & Kit Nationals

I'm getting pumped for this, I got my registration stickers in last week and the car is actually running really well for once.
Last year's graduation interfered with the wine festival. This year I'm up for grad on May 14th and the wine festival is on the 21st. Thinking wine festival and then driving down that night so I can be there on Sunday. I hate that summer is so damn short too many things overlap.
Yeah, that's the case for my mom as well. She got off work for Saturday, only to find out that my youngest brother's coffee house event for his alternative school is that weekend, and my other brother's gf is graduating from desales on Saturday. Rough.
Unfortunately, I can't go unless it's Sunday. It's 3rd Friday in Salisbury (I'm one of the organizers) and then I have a very big wedding to shoot on Saturday, involving a winery and a steampunk treehouse..