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May Outage Thread


creative mastermind
May 31, 2002
Cary, NC
So as most of you are aware, the server has been down almost 2 weeks. The short version of the issue was that I ran an automated job from vbulletin software that ended up crashing the server and corrupting the section of the database it was trying to edit. The problem was two fold in that its insanely too large of a table for a database like this and its also very old and outdated software.

First off let me apologize in that this was a my fault kind of issue where I knew better and simply wasn't thinking of ramifications if said process failed. Secondly I apologize for taking 10 days to get this back up and running. I was working with our host to try and repair the broken database and causing lots more crashes and failures in the hopes that we could save the data from April this year. Luckily the host had a backup of the board from the migration earlier in April that saved us.

So yes, i will definitely have some work to do this summer to bring the board into this decade and set it up for hopefully another 20 years of success in whatever capacity that may be. Thanks for always sticking around and keeping this place going. I know i say it a lot but this place is nothing without you core group of community members that make this place what it is for all the rest of us to enjoy.

How apostrophe a vbulletin can support?

I'll take losing a month of posts vs 20 years of posts, we can rebuild
Thanks Dana. Appreciate all the work you do.

Is it time for another round of fund raising for a new platform?
Thanks Dana. Appreciate all the work you do.

Is it time for another round of fund raising for a new platform?

Eventually we could probably do a little fund raiser depending on what software we end up buying - it has to be better at "big board" databases basically, and then its just working on making it look like "home".
Thanks Dana, appreciate the hard work. Sure hope whatever upgrades you wind up doing don't change the look or basic functionality - have seen a few board (mtbr jumps readily to mind) that have become basically unusable following an "upgrade".

:pat: this is a good place, and y'all good people.
Thanks Dana, I was going through major withdrawal symptoms without my daily+ tbricks fix. :wave:

And I guess what happened in Vegas, may stay in Vegas.
Thanks Team.

@thevolvorescue would like to donate something to help raise funds if you are interested.

This is an amazing place with so much knowledge, information, and great peeps.

I appreciate your work, had this been any other niche forum they would’ve called it quits and closed down unfortunately, keep her going!
I'm an automation specialist for Siemens and I understand this completely. Thanks for all your hard work and my sympathy for the stress I'm sure you felt. Greatest website ever!