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Mike K's '79 242 Barn Car Revival

I can't give you any good reasons why I've never seen this thread but here we are. Badass stuff man, fingers crossed you're on the downslope and on the way to the fun part.
I can't give you any good reasons why I've never seen this thread but here we are. Badass stuff man, fingers crossed you're on the downslope and on the way to the fun part.

never?! Damn you missed out on a lot :lol:. Welcome to the pain train!

the 38mm buckets from ACM never showed up and they never once acknowledged me or the PayPal dispute, just got a refund. I haven't put any real time into it lately but the head is sitting on my desk until I can come up with something. Unfortunately I need something pretty specific in terms of post height/thickness and overall height and I'm not quite sure how to search it. I think I'm going to ask Supertech if they'll make custom ones (ugh $$$) and also throw it out on the Facebook groups... I'm wondering if I can get a Swede to proxy buy locally from ACM and ship to me?

Erland is ostensibly working on a head for me I guess? Probably due to gently poke him over timeline. I'd love to assemble the car in like Feb/March instead of April/May. Last thing I did to the car was drained the gas back out of it and zipped it into it's winter storage bag... exciting :roll:

I can give it attempt for you, being within europe might help. I also have a dutch friends who live in Sweden which I could try for you
I forgot to come back here and check this thread, I'll send you a PM later. Boots on the ground in Sweden might be part of my answer.

If you need larger buckets for the head. Have you asked enem? I know they sold 37mm ones. Not sure about 38mm buckets for sale there.
I did reach out to Enem and they have a supplier for more expensive 38's but there was no stock. They offered 37.1's which might just do it but there was also no stock there. I will say Enem is super responsive and great to work with.

I ordered 38's from KL Racing... not sure why I bothered they are way to thick at like 6mm and don't have enough post protrusion to just mill the post down.

I also asked Supertech about custom buckets. Good news! They can produce custom buckets to exactly the spec I need! Bad news... minimum purchase quantity is 160pcs. So I just need like 18 of you to put together oddball 8 valve heads and group buy some buckets with me!

I've found all sorts of COTS buckets that hit every dimension except length... it's that ~35mm length that kills me.

Anyways, so the RSI head is bagged and tagged sitting in the morgue here. Will waste more money on it someday. Somewhere in Sweden my next head is taking shape with Erland, he's just waiting on a cam and shaping combustion chambers. Lots of back and forth there on compression ratios, chamber shape, squish etc. Erland really wants me to run flat top pistons, I really don't want to rebuild my bottom end around a different set of pistons. So we're trying to find the right compromise to run the old Wiseco Wave Guides and potentially support flat tops if I do another bottom end.

I do toy with the idea of concurrently building a 2.5l block with the crank in the shed, put pistons in it Erland wants etc... then I also start looking at b/s58 pullouts and total loss cars and thinking gee wouldn't 800hp be fun?
I've always wanted to have one of the Swedish specialists like Erland build a head for my engine. But I'll be happy to get the one I have built. I too am going to use the Wiseco roller pistons from RSI. I have those along with the longer h beam rods to go in a B21FT block. Still in the planning stages at this point.
yeah trust me the thought keeps looming larger these days. Realistically though I need to build out my garage so I can hang the car up on my own lift for 6 months instead of my Dad's :ROFLMAO:. I have considered trying to find a parts car or a drivetrain and at least start bleeding out the cost of building an engine but again need workable space. Also having a 4 month old doesn't help.

I'd like a couple seasons where I can actually enjoy the 8v setup, work on some other stuff then come back around to it.
No luck with the Peugeot buckets? Bummer.

Needs S85.
everything seems to be coming up short... literally. And I kind of understand why when looking at other heads compared to my situation. I'll pick away at it, I'm mostly focused on expediting Erland right now.

And yes, there are absolutely guys out there wrapping M4's around trees and that would make for one hell of a 240.
Tom also needs S85. And so do I.

Best way to get 5-cylinder noises is by getting a 10-cylinder engine. The logic is flawless.
ohh EIGHTY FIVE. I dyslexia-d the engine numbers in my head.

idk for some reason it feels like the BMW swap equivalent of spending $10k on 8v heads instead of just plunking the straight 6 in with a big jurbo
‘Cept it’s just a set of resized rod bearings, some plastic gears, a Maxxecu, and a pair of cheap headers away from NA 500 whp goodness.