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MountainMeet 2k16, 9/29-10/2/2016


F*ck Edgar
Jan 17, 2010
Franklin, NC
We're about 4 months out, so I figured I'd post a legit planning thread so y'all can start posting excuses as to why you're not coming.




Tentative plans:

Thursday 9/29:
First day of the deal. I went ahead and extended our reservation for an additional night. If you want to come hang out for an extra night, you're welcome to. We'll handle the cost of the additional night based on who shows up.

Friday 9/30
The majority of you will probably arrive. I'll be grilling something by early afternoon, and hopefully, Kenny will bring in the big green reinforcement later on. There are more details about food farther down.

Saturday 10/1
Driving. Lots of driving. Or fishing if you don't want to drive. I imagine there will be a group that goes to the Dragon, a group that goes and checks out some other roads, maybe stops at waterfalls, whatever. It's easy to get turned around out here, so I'll do some sort of route planning and suggested destinations. Personally, I'll probably be hanging out at the lodge with a line in the water drinking beer all day.

I kinda intend that Saturday be what you make it. That's what we did last year, and it worked pretty well. We had a few people that went gem mining, one guy that went granite mining (looking at you Stephen), and the rest of us went and checked out a local Volvo/Porsche restoration shop. There's a lot to do out here, but you have to drive to get to any of it.

Saturday night should be fun.

Suggested route for the Tail of the Dragon (Getting to the Gap, running it, and getting back is a full-day thing.) Derrick will probably lead this trip.

Waterfall Tour Route...I may lead this cruise. We'll see.

Sunday 10/2
Wake up, CLEAN UP (that's a big one) and GTFO.

My Contact Information
Cell: 828-200-7824
Lodge: 828-293-9922

I may have spotty cell service up there, but if you're calling anytime after Thursday afternoon, the best bet is to call the lodge phone number first. If you don't get an answer there, try my cell.

Where are you sleeping?
In case you missed the deposit thread, all the beds are sold out, however, there is plenty of room for you to put up a tent or hammock, there are big couches inside, and plenty of room to put up air mattress.

What are you eating?

Here's the rub. We're in the middle of nowhere. Seriously. It will take you 45 minutes to get to any restaurant. There's not even a gas station within half an hour. If you're planning to be out driving all day, this may not be an issue, but if you're hanging at the lodge, you'll want food.

Food Planning starts on Page 12. Pick something to contribute, especially if you're showing up to camp and didn't chip in on the lodge reservation fee.

DON'T PULL A DERRICK AND SHOW UP WITH A SIX PACK AND A BAG OF PRETZELS TO SUSTAIN YOURSELF FOR AN ENTIRE WEEKEND. You'll hate yourself. If you want to cook for yourself, you're welcome to. There is a full kitchen there.

What are you drinking?
I'll probably spring for a keg of something everyone likes. We'll just throw a few bucks in a hat to cover that. Beyond that, byo.

Lodge Rules
Technically, alcohol is not allowed at this place. There will be a trash can for your empty bottles and cans. Use it. Under no circumstances should you leave trash, particularly bottles and cans, laying around. We're in the middle of nowhere. There is a caretaker's house about 1/4 mile away, but as long as we don't get excessively rowdy, we'll be fine.

I plan on leaving the lodge in the same condition it's in when we arrive. Your assistance in this mission is greatly appreciated.

The Location
I've said it multiple times, but I'm worried that much like Ron Swanson ordering all the bacon in the restaurant for breakfast, you're not understanding. This place is seriously remote. It's over an hour to a town of a decent size. Auto parts stores are not open late.

If you're looking for an address to plug into your GPS, it doesn't exist. This link is your best bet. If you still insist on an address, try 3400 Charley's Creek Road, Tuckasegee, NC. That'll get you close.


There is a lake at the lodge with a boat dock. You can swim, paddle, and fish on the lake.

Who's coming?

Here's my list so far:
-Scott/Sine Qua Non
-Flyingtogette/Peter's S.O.
-TomMarvolvo riddle
-Turbo B/Rob


The Fine Print

1: A note on attendance: If you plan on coming, have the courtesy to let me know in the thread. As a general rule, if we've met before and are cool, come on out. If we haven't met, just shoot me a PM and let me know you'd like to come. I try to open my events to everyone, but see #4 if there are any questions.

2: If you want to arrive Thursday, you can. Do not arrive before say 1pm on Thursday the 29th (well, no one at my house. you can come whenever I reckon). I will gladly host a few people at my house Wednesday night. Pre-arrival coordination with me is required. First night at the lodge is Thursday night. Do not arrive at the lodge before 1pm.

3: Bring enough 'stuff' (clothes, swimsuit, towel, bath accouterments) for the weekend and some emergencies. The lodge has running water and hot showers. Use them. Don't stink.

4:I reserve the right to throw your ass out, don't try me. I also know (on a first name basis) the people to call if you push the issue. Please don't. Quickest way to get tossed: Piss off a bear or mess up the lodge. If you do anything dumb or anything that would jeopardize my ability to use NFS facilities in the future, there will be issues. This is a small community. Word gets around.

5: Bring more money than you "think" you'll need. Incidentals are a bitch and you're IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE. The cost of the weekend really isn't that high, but double what you anticipate you'll need and you should be alright.

6: Do not bring marginal vehicles. If you're not confident in your car's ability to safely make the trip out and back, leave it at home and buy/beg/borrow/whatever some other means of transportation. You do not want to get out here and have something big fail, and I don't want to have you get out here and have something big fail. This is coming from someone who broke a T5 at the last MountainMeet.

7: If you're unsure about something, bring a spare. If you're planning on driving your car on sunday and you've got an m-46, bring a spare or tow your car. Insert other parts where needed. Bring sufficient equipment to repair whatever you think you'll need to repair. Refer to the marginal vehicle paragraph above. Yes, I'm local, but in this case, local means that we will be anywhere between 1 and 3 hours away from my driveway and garage. Don't plan on using them.

8: Not 21? Don't drink. Yeah, I know, laaaame. But in the unlikely event we do attract unwanted attention, I don't want to have to deal with some drunk 18 year old landing me in jail.
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Just found out that I have to attend a conference for work the week before this shindig. The conference is in Charleston, SC, and ends on Wednesday. MountainMeet starts on Thursday. That's cutting it close.
I just realized I'm using up nearly all my vacation on not one but TWO trips to Canada this summer. Not missing this, though.
Hmmmmmmm.... I wanted to swing this last year... might try to this year. No promises.
If you're planning on driving your car on sunday and you've got an m-46, bring a spare or tow your car.

Are you threatening me?

What if I'm not planning to drive a car with an M46, but just so happen to hop in one and drive to NC?
Dude, again?

Lol yes. It's just spitting out its coolant if you get into high boost. Not overheating, just burping out coolant.

You can drive it all day long at 9 psi and it's fine.

I'm just going to put a new HG on it and see whats up in there.