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MountainMeet 2k16, 9/29-10/2/2016

Wow, what a weekend. I had a blast, and hope everyone else did too. Great place, great cars, great food. Can't wait for next year with y'all again. Pics are uploading now.
What an awesome weekend with an awesome group of people.
Hats off especially to Jared for putting this all together and Wren for absolutely crushing it in the kitchen.
Its awesome to have finally gone to a Turbobricks meet that I was not hosting or in my home town... Jared thank you so much for going to the trouble of organizing all of this I hope we left the lodge in acceptable condition.. Wren you really worked your a** off this weekend in the kitchen... Kenny great job as always on da butt.. It was great to just sit back and follow instead of lead and organize things this time.. I am looking forward to next year..

-Sam aka 2JSWEDE