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My 1981 242 DL

Cheers for the reply!

Well, the idea is to measure all and be careful to reinstate it all where it should be. We shall see where future takes us tho! :D

Hey all!

So, i finally managed to acquire the front offcuts to repair the corrosion/rust/acid damage to the rail segment under the battery tray. The new piece is absolutely great and clean from any rust. Now i'll have a go at cutting all the spot welds out and checking it all for damage/rust and repair it all prior to welding it up.

The biggest query i see here is aligning it all properly and measuring so it all lines up and is straight before i cut it all up and so on.

Any ideas?

Pictures and video will follow whenever i get a chance to go to the garage and do some work.

Have fun with it. I left the heavy inner rail untouched and the bottom sheet metal layer of mine was in good shape. Take lots of measurements and mock up the front end before final welding since the core support and fender alignment relays on that apron section.

Also, be aware that if the apronnis off of a later car there are some slight differences. The end bolt for the slam panel was moved by a couple millimeters. Also, the area around the battery is changed, I guess to accommodate a larger battery maybe. Just be sure to factor that in.

The battery tray will be completely removed and dispatched to the bin as the battery is going to the boot, so i am bothered about it, so yeah, we'll see when we get there.

So yesterday i finally got round to start removing the rusty patches from the battery tray rail section. It's not that bad as i thought and hasn't gone very far into the rail. Should not take that much to replace it all and weld it up.

Video incoming soon!

But here's some pictures!


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So... More stuff happened yesterday...


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So after a few measurement failures and readjusting i am in the process of gluing it all back together. It's not pretty, but it's all good and straight!




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A litty bitty update!

I finally managed to get a new deal on welding gas with another company. Previously i used a company called Air Products Direct, which rented me a 8Litre bottle for around £70 to refill, and it was ok, until i had a chat to my friend and he suggested going for BOC gasses, where now i got a 20l bottle of argon mix for £73 initial payment, £7 a month rental for the bottle and so on, but the refill will only cost me £45 the next time i need it.

Think it's a winner situation!

Now i just need to go and yam it all!

A little update for now.

I finally plugged all the holes in the engine bay and also seam welded the lot, where i could too, so it should be a lot sturdier when time comes.

Now both sides of the front engine bay and under the wheel arches are probably done.

I had to cut out a big chunk of rust where the chasis rail comes from under the car and meets the front part of the rail that goes to the front of the car. If you are rebuilding your 240, look at it. Both sides under the wheel arch/wing, near the foot rests, where the metal pieces are sandwiched in and spot welded together, where two pieces of chasis rail meets, the water gets into the gap between the sheet metal and gets stuck there as there's quite a few gaps inbetween panels, and it rusts badly. Mine were bubbling up and were really badly rusted out. Even the 2mm rail section was all rusted away, so i have cut it out and replaced with new metal pieces. All primed and so on...

I got so much video footage of it all, just not got the time to edit it all.

Soon it will all happen

Think i am actually done with the fron of the car.

The one thing that's left to do is make a tubular front slam panel where all the lights and rad/cooler etc will mount, but that's gonna happen when the engine etc is in and when i will have a chance to measure it all.

Time will show!

Cheers, Adam
Hey all the gents and ladeeez!

Ihave been off for a few weeks completely barred from the garage antics as i had a very tiny little bit of surgery on my arms and the doc won't let me do anything that would strain them or get an infection. Nothing major, just a few Lipomas - Fatty lumps removed - so i will be back in action soon and will make a vid of what's up with the ole shed asap :)

Sorry for the wait, but i am still here! :)

You've been putting some serious elbow grease into that car. Nice work! Sad to hear you've been out of the game for a while. Get well soon!
Thank you!

I'm all good, healing well and really enjoying the lesser me haha.

There's a few updates on the 242 that i will do soon.

Hello Gents and lasses!

So as of today, the whole project is being paused...

Long story short, i had a court hearing today about us being evicted. YES... I am losing the garage and the whole property cause the landlord wants to sell it and wants us gone...

As sad as it is, i am still going to find a way to make it all work and this little gem of a stupid idea will make it after all!

Oh well, could be way worse lol.

Stick with me! I'll be back!