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My 242, Now What Do I Do?

Got the power antenna installed

Wrapping up the trunk added in this piece which got refinished

Cleaned the carpet again and I'll add in the spare after the antenna/radio is sorted out

Started on the doors, and had to repair this door lock actuator; the wiring was toast

Rewired, soldered, heat-shrink and electrical tape and much better

Lubed all door mechanisms, linkages, installed lock cylinders with new gaskets. Next up; adding 1/16" neoprene sheeting as sound curtains on all vertical panels.
Final wiring of the power antenna

And the sound deadener is done. Peal and seal on the horizontal and 1/16" neoprene sheet on the vertical surfaces, finally!

Kinda looks like a tin can (but shouldn't sound like one!)

Thanks, yeah I'm a bit ocd in my builds! I'm getting anxious to drive it! Got the ecu and ezk out and the 89 harness out and those go in next...
Well got the back of the back seat in

My friend who builds LS swap engine mounts wanted to offer a set for the 240 series cars so since the engine bay was empty, he mocked up his prototype mounts

Should work pretty well and be competitively priced!

And I got sidetracked with another 40 series car

Wow! Your work and taste in cars are both excellent. Love the 242. Love the Saffron! Love the propus wheels!
Wish I had the extra money to try and restore a car like you are doing. So cool. Plus you even collected a free Amazon. Keep it coming!
Thanks! I'm into a manual swap this weekend with a good friend, but we took a short break to add the snow scoop

That's his 95 t5r 855 getting m56 swapped

I learn a lot when Robert's in town! Look for his video on the swap

Looks great! Gives me inspiration on when i will have a start on my own 242 that's been sitting in my parking space for over a year now... Can't wait! :)

Cool! Robert DIY!!! Last I saw he was in the hospital for something. Good to see his smiling face!

She's runnin! What s car! 601 Red is the bomb. Amazing color and amazing mechanicals!

Gertrude is up next! Engine/trans and then wiring, she'll run..
So after being sidetracked with life and other Volvos, I finally got the lh2.4 flywheel sensor installed on the B21ft.

Marked out the holes by using a 1mm shim on the flywheel tooth and holding the sensor just touching the shim (spec is 1mm gap +/- .5mm), drilled the 13/64" hole first making sure it was just deep enough to have enough threads to hold securely, about 20mm; drilled the larger 11mm hole next to accommodate the sleeves; tapped the small hole with 6mm-1.00 tap, used two 6mm x 25mm bolts and locktighted them in. One small step closer and now I can mate the tranny to the engine!

I have to say I sure miss my Dad on a job like this; he was an excellent machinist and would have made it look easy. RIP Pa, hope it works!
More progress!
Thanks to my friends John (Jonah) and Alejandro (Slicknerd), we
got the engine and tranny mated, the exhaust manifold installed and detailed the starter. Not sure how I'm solving the turbo line scenario with the 16t; any suggestions for best routes?

Just liked this angle so I had to take a pic!

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