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My '78 242 L33 turbo build

I brought it home for the winter, 1 day too late too avoid snow, but whatever. At least I can make some progress without driving 40 minutes to the shop I was storing it at.

Feels good to have it here again, I'll be doing a lot more updates now. Gotta do something about the heating situation in here.

Didn't do anything about the heating yet. Well, I did borrow a torpedo style heater that is deafeningly loud and suck all the O2 out of the space. I hate it. In the meantime I've been trying to fill the gaps in on parts. Needed more fuel hose and fittings, and pcv and heater hose. I don't know how all this is going to fit yet. I pushed the motor as far to the firewall as possible, maybe not the best idae. I might have to move it forward a little. Kinda hope not though because of the shifter notch in the floor.

For anyone who is wondering, on the LS water pump the 5/8" port feeds the heater core, the 3/4" is the return. I did get the LOJ heater bypass block. Ofc I bought it in 5/8" ports all around, oops, but I found a Vintage Air coolant hose that goes from 3/4" to 5/8".

You can see the concern on my shop managers face here:

And RIP my little girl B, we miss you so much, I love the silly pics I am left with..
Another small update, "PCV" system. In quotes because it really isn't a true PCV set up. I had to drill the valve covers and install baffled fittings. 10AN for anyone who cares. Then right angle fittings to 3/8" barbs. I couldn't get PCV hose by the foot, so I got hydraulic hose, pita to work with. SS Y barbed fitting and SS Norma hose clamps.

The catch can is Radium Engineering that I put 90 degree swivels on to save space and look nicer. It has a dipstick and drain valve setup. I sent the output to a hose with a small K&N filter.




Pointless pic of my friend Bruno when he came to visit for a week, French Mastiff, and such a good boy. Anyone following this thread knows dogs are more important than cars to me.

Been working on this in my spare time. Was told when I bought them they are 140/240 rally headlight grills, total BS apparently from the amount of grinding and fitment issues. But I made it happen. It's a much more subtle look than I thought, but happy with it.



Been slacking on updates, lots of stuff has happened since the last one, I can't believe its been over a year. Not like it runs or anything yet. Been doing what I am best at, acquiring more parts. Highlights on that front are an NOS dash, and a repop GT airdam that is actually the correct shape.

After driving myself nuts for 2 months trying to find 5x108 rims close to a 0et offset, I said f it and I'm changing the bolt pattern to 5x114.3. Way more options available. I got redrilled front hubs from BNE, and will order the rear axles a bit longer to correct the rear offset.

The wheels I decided on are 25mm offset, so I got spacers for the front, and will order the rear axles each 25mm wider.

I still haven't been able to shift the engine at all, the AN heater hoses hit the cylinder head even with the smallest fittings I can find. Gotta figure that out still.

Anyone that reads my ramblings here knows dogs are super important in my life. This year I was fortunate to adopt another senior dog to the pack, Eduardo is a 6 lb Chihuahua whos dad got really ill and trusted me to take care of him. Total opposite of Milo, we are always working on his weight at 110 lbs. They match well, color wise haha. They are working well together, and get along well. Eduardo is a born watchdog and barks at things that need to be barked at, Milo lumbers up quietly behind to provide muscle if its needed.

This is mostly a bump so I can find my thread easier for real updates, stay tuned, Carlisle was a great motivator.