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My 945 in-dash boost gauge install


New member
Apr 28, 2007
The Hill, Shinshu Japan
I thought I had seen pics of an install like this somewhere here before, but I can't search it up now...

Photos by Shifted Jr, age 9.

No pics but first removed the heater trim piece and cut a hole for the gauge using supplied template. Went for a snug fit all the way around as there's no room for a clamp.

When the trim hole was done I put the trim piece back and used it to mark where the underpinnings needed to be cut. I ended up cutting out the whole piece of tin between the heater and switch areas.


Subsequent dismantling of dash... I need a new dremel, would have made things a bit easier, oh well. Trimmed the heater control by scoring with an exacto then breaking out the scored bits.


Heater control reinstalled. The tin bracket for the right side of the control is history in this configuration so I used a screw hole cut from it as a nut for the screw to attach the bottom right corner of the control to the stereo/heater bracket. The only corner not screwed to anything is the upper right but everything is very secure, even with the tin in that area removed.


Here's how it came out:


Teed into the cluster turbo gauge hosing for the suck and blow, lights are soldered to the cigarette lighter wiring for full dimming effect:



Thanks for the good words! I was originally hoping to score a black face but in this size this is all I could find without ordering from somewheres... Now I'm thinking to make all the gauge faces white.

Good look on changing the gauge colours on a 940. Tried that.

You'd be better off changing the boost gauge to black.
Damn... that's an install Nick Choy would be proud of.

Wait a minute... that's me!

Okay... I'm proud of you Shifted. I'm also proud of Junior's photography skills.
you going to put an NA cluster in there, maybe lose the limp factory boost gauge?

It doesn't bother me too much now. Priorities for the next projects are some suspension stuff, and a better exhaust. Then I will be ready for an A/F meter, the browntops, and a moar bigger intercooler. Although if good deals are found the order of all that could change...
suterman said:
nice work,

The steering wheel is on the correct side!:)

I didn't have to alter that :-P :)

NChoy said:
Okay... I'm proud of you Shifted. I'm also proud of Junior's photography skills.

Thanks to you, and Chris_R too, for the compliments on the camera work, S.Jr. is VERY proud also to see his photos in print here on Turbobricks.

Me too! :)

excellent work, i see we must think somewhat alike...


THAT'S IT!!! :-P

I knew I had seen that photo before... Thanks for the great idea! :)


YES!!!!! I saw that and wanted it so badly!! When I took the dash appart though, I didn't know how that plastic trim piece would stay in without that retaining clip that's next to the sunroof open/close switch :-( . it was quite discouraging, and the guage now sits loose under my seat, and i look at it only to tune....ghetto

could you give me a hand or two in conquering this?? I'm not really feeling the riciness of having an A pillar pod....besides, a flush, dashmounted gauge is classsayyyyyy
I wondered too about having that clip gone, but so far no problems. The gauge fits quite snugly in the trim cutout and sits tightly against the heater control, which helps to hold everything in place.

A small dab or two of silicone strategically applied would probably remedy any looseness, if it becomes a problem.
works just fine without the clip, in fact i just reamed the bitch out with a holesaw during my lunchbreak because i was tired of seeing my factory boost gauge show me invisible numbers... it was about the simplist most practical thing ive done.. the hole in the trim is the only thing that has to look pretty, you can have at the dash behind the trim with a saw, dremel, or tool of your choice... 740 and 940 would be the same for placing the guage there
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