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My Volvo 240 GL


May 6, 2011
So, When I was 16yrs old, I was searching my first own wehicle. I've been keen on Volvos since my dad bought Volvo 940 STW for our family several years ago. In finland we get drivers lisence when we are 18yrs old. During summer '09 my father told me about this one 240 which he's colleague was selling. We went to see this car. Car had poor tail lights and it was standing toooo high. Price for this 19 year old was 1200 euros. Price was bit too high so we did bargain it to 800euros.

A picture when I bought it

New lights in every corner


Lowerin springs and shock absorbers


New grill that which i made from older 240's grill


Electric fan for cooling


Interior was bit too original


And Volvo 850 seats as front seats


I'm sorry for baaaaaaaaaaaad english.:cool:
I was wondering how to make cars front more exiting and unique. My friend had this 30 year old 244 with older front (square lamps). We make a deal, I got grill and he had a lambda sensor to his 745 which has a b234f on it ( i have b200f). Couple of minutes thinking and some how it turned from this:

To this:

Does anyone have grill like this? :???:
I REALLY like that grill. Looking clean, other plans?

I'm going to cut bit those front springs at the summer. Later I will buy new wheels, (I have one set but there is too must work :rofl:) Engine is going to be this or b230ft/234f(t). That awful plastic thing under rear bumber is going to be ripped off and tail is going to change radically.

Here is a picture from one wheel. This is ready
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I love that Grill too, nice car

It's good to hear that other like it too.

I worked ''hard'' with my pals today, and I think that we made good progress for my rim project. We did the paint job ''old fashion way'', but it is good enough for me. Tomorrow I/we will sand those wheels, spray the primer and filler, sand, spray, sand... Luckily I may have painted summer wheels for my Volvo in end of this week.

All three rims are now satin black, I had some break from that project. Tomorrow I'll paint 'em to their final color.