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N/A automatic mod questions

Rat Dangerous

Dec 26, 2020
Hi I am new to the volvo scene and bought a N/A 1994 940 wagon already at a full stage 0 maintenance level (97000 original miles). I am looking to put some dollars into my car. Obviously I was thinking about a manual and +t but having a motorcycle as well I dont want to spend alot of money just to make this thing more unreliable. I want to cruise around and make this a good daily I can tour with across canada. I am wondering what cams people recommend for slow slush boxes. Basically thinking about a B or ipd vx cam. Would love to hear some suggestions. If anyone also has good suggestions for mods im all ears and pretty convinced on new ipd sway bars.
Change the oil, make sure there's fluid in the rear end and transmission. Don't do anything to it. If you want a performance car, buy a performance car. No cam alive is going to make it actually faster than it is right now... it'll sure seem faster to your wallet but nothing else.

Be honest about your goals, do you seriously want to end up dumping hundreds or thousands of dollars into a car to make it marginally faster and less reliable?

I'm all in favor of the ipd bars... especially as you can find them used easily... will make the car feel faster without messing with its reliability.... and possibly a set of decent tires and/or nicer brake pads.
Get rid of the stock "M" cam.
T-cam, is great for mostly city driving.
Any other cam you can get other than an "M" will be a great improvement.
Non of the readily available cams are really that performance oriented and have very little negative attributes compared to an "M"
I daily a stock 92 740 wagon NA with a V-cam and the slight loss of low end is worth the overall improvement and ability to maintain faster highways speeds that people drive nowadays.