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Need a measurement from a 240 power assist steering rack.

Alex Buchka

8 cylinders
Apr 8, 2004
Los Angeles
Don't have anything on hand to measure so I'd appreciate if someone could pull out the tape measure for a minute. Need the distance from pivot to pivot on the inner tie-rods.
do you have any inner tie rods ? i just measured a trw rack and it is 25.5" end to end including threads. 24.625" without threads.
I have nothing. :oops: The measurement I need doesn't have to be exact, but the closer the better. Does making the overall measurement 26.5" (pivot to pivot) seem reasonable to you?
just went out front and cut the zipties of the boots on a 240 with a zf rack. 26.75" you were pretty close
That is much appreciated. Thank you!

Edit: Just checked some numbers. This is promising. Looks like I can get away with even longer front LCAs on a stock rack.