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960 Need help finding adapter for blower motor


Part-time Tinkerer
Feb 25, 2015
Austin, TX
Hello all - my second blower motor has shredded itself, so it's time to actually install one of my new ones.

Problem is, I need an adapter cable. I know they're made, since the Four Seasons one has it, but I can't find where I would buy the cable by itself. I mainly need the female part that will hook into the original harness (I don't want to cut in to the original harness).


Looking for that little cable in the corner ^

Any ideas?
If it's of any help, I think the connector with orange weather seal is a metric-pack 630 series connector.

Thanks! Sadly I found and have that end, I need the other end that hooks into the under-dash harness, but I don't know what part number Volvo uses.

I'm going to call Four Seasons to see if they know where I can get one, or if they can sell me one.

Oddly enough FCPEuro doesn't even sell the blower motors at all anymore... I wonder if the companies aren't going to keep making them.
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The original connector has solid copper wire and wire wound resistor.

Since I?m using a NOS OEM ACDelco GM motor, it?ll have the same resistor built in the the GM connector, aye?

Do you think I?d be able to use the connector off of the Volvo motor...?
Thanks everyone, “2 old for this” has the adapter I need!!

While I have this apart though, I need to clean out some stuff. Here’s the fan:


Now here’s 25 years worth of accumulation on the evaporator (how was I getting any air flow??):


You can see where that patch of dirt came off the coils!

What’s the easiest way to get this clean? I can see in the parts list that there is a “filter” on the other side, but I can’t get to it. The vacuum tank is held on to the air box with really strong black sealant, if I can somehow get this off, will I be able to access and install a new filter?

Also - on that note - how important is this filter? Does it serve any important purpose for the evaporator itself?