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New club 300+ hp - see if you apply!

If people are brave enough to turn up the boost high enough to make a 400hp dyno pull. Then that should be good enough, no matter what the motor. I bet there aren't many.
100hp increments above 300 seems cool. You could see who is where in the hierarchy when reading posts. Those guys that have made the 300 club already can get inspired to push just a little harder and make it to the next level, or the 500 level if they like..
Time for an update Doug!

There're a few dyno sheets up there that don't work anymore, there are a few that need to be updated, and there are a few people that aren't up there yet...
I have received no response to my application to the 300+ club.

My dyno sheet

84 242
90 b230 ft
b234 16v head
Yoshifab valve reliefs
Yoshifab timing belt kit
Yoshifab 8v exhaust manifold adapter
Yoshifab sheetmetal intake manifold
960 Throttle body
Chinabay "50trim" Turbo
Tial 35mm waste gate
3" side exit exhaust
walbro 255 in tank pump
Bosch 1600cc injectors
MS2/E 2.0.1
Extremely conservative dyno tune by NS Fab
280rwhp and 280 rwtq on a conservative Mustang dyno. The shop owner was blown away by my car even before I told him it made that power with an ebay "t3/t4", box (ebay) manifold and an ebay intercooler. This was at ~24 psi.