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New club 300+ hp - see if you apply!

The Wagon crossed the 300 mark as well.

crappy dyno sheet. Do I get a cool badge?


Dynoed the Gold car this weekend.
Stock b230f bottom end.
T3 60/.63 ATP wastegate housing
G-valve boost Creep to 220kpa @ 5k RPM (17.5psi)
3" turbo to tail exhaust
530 head, hand ported (to hell and back)
2+ mm larger exhaust valves
multi radius valve job
IPD turbo cam straight up
Stock manifolds
Ebay IC
MS1 v2.2board on msns-e
500?lph fuel pump
100lb/hr injectors
old 91 pump gas
Head mounted LH2.2 dizzy
BPR7ES plugs
kingsborne plug wires

I think I hit the soft limiter on the end of the run.
300hp's, not WHP's is my understanding. Toby and I are on a level playing field in terms of power as well, so he should have the badge IMHO.

We really do need a 400+ badge now though. lol
We are still doing this....guess I should dig out the dyno sheet from last year.

Unless anyone wants to take my word that my Bertone did 300whp with Bondo's T6 @ 8psi. The tune with boost controller and meth sh!t the bed with a firmware update and no local tuner will touch it.
Yup the goal for the 300+ badge is for people that have done the work required to build horsepower beyond your standard bolt-ons and boost increases. It's definitely a bit more valuable to a redblock 8v 300+ member than say a whiteblock or a v8 swapped one but they each have their challenges. Maybe we will do an "elite" type club for people that have done something exceptional.
You're killing me smalls!

Don't make me do an E85 dyno sheet next.

Go for it, I did 301whp on pump gas and LH, I need to do an E85+MS dyno one of these days.

Your numbers are awesome for sure for that turbo and low boost (amazing what head flow can do) but I still think the 300+ club should be 300whp so it doesn't matter what trans or calc'ing random guessing power train losses. But needs to be putting that number to the rollers.

But that's just me.
Both of my Volvos came from the factory with 300hp, but I'm guessing that doesn't count...