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New rice rocket spoiler


Active member
Sep 24, 2003
Santa Barbara, CA
So a few months ago I came across a used spoiler for sale on the internet for 50 dollars. It took me about a month and a half to bid him down 20 dollars, and I finally bought the thing on the weekend. For the sum of thirty dollars I got the double decker spoiler as well as all the unused brackets to mount it (The PO had just taped it to the trunk of his chrysler sebring). I was now well on my way to ricedom. After painting over the awful champane color it came with I just had to get the balls to drill into my unsuspecting trunk. That about covers it.... heres some pictures of the aftermath.

man, i don't know... there are some places that you could get shot for driving around with one of those....but hey, pretty damn ballsy to do that.... i couldn't....

that wing COULD work... but you've got a LOT of other mods to do to justify it... we're talking wheels, paint, body mods, and about 400hp
Damn I got a lot of responses, which was one of the reasons I put it on. I probably should have waited to put it on until after I do more actual performance mods but I kinda let my boredom this weekend get the best of me. You all have to admit that its about a hundred times better than when it was on a FWD chrysler sebring. Oh yeah, my car is not only n/a but also a auto (an auto that is on its last legs, and will be swaped out and replaced with a stick this summer) so the only way to describe it right now is painfully slow. But im working on that all the time now that I finally have a job and money.
Ah so a typical ricer then, all show and no go :lol: Take it off, fill the holes in and burn the wing....before I do it for you.....tit.
Bloody ricer :-(

Or as the cossies huge thing was known, whale tail, or even better, picnic table :-P
:barf: volvos are ment to be subtle
:oops: < thats how i would feel driving about with that abomination on the boot.

Well, that is about where a wing needs to be on a 740 to have any real effect. Now do like Dana suggested, put about 400HP under the hood so you can actually use it!
My school sucks a fat nut and blocked CARDOMAIN! The system admin said it was because it was a site of "hobbies and interest" with "possible nudity". sometimes this makes me want to set up a proxy server at my house and just connect to it to get unrestricted access. grr at SVHS.