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new turbo manifolds, who makes a quality unit?


Nov 15, 2017
Who makes a quality turbo manifold for b230 engines? I don't want an ebay unit. I found a nice one in the classifieds but it was sold. I'm not going for crazy power. 300hp is about as much as I'll ever want. Going to pick up squirter block next weekend, will order pistons and rods, and I already have a 531. I am going to run low compression turbo pistons also. Not looking for the na+t.
300hp can be done with a 90+.
A better solution is a NA manifold with a up pipe (600+ hp has been done)

If you want to spend some more money: The KL racing header seems pretty good/ cost effective.
Then there are more expensive options, such as CM Racing, swedenexhaust, etc.

What exactly are you looking for in a manifold?

I would go with a cast iron manifold for 300 hp (if needed with up pipe/j-pipe whatever you want to call it).
I just want something that is efficient and isn't going to crack. I'm tempted to order one of those flange kits off ebay and trying to build something at the shop. I like to build something once. I normally run gt series turbos also.
The KL racing one looks nice and a semi modern design. Any of you guys have any experience with them? I normally get my stuff coated.