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No longer mom's grocery getter(1991 244)

I want to see pics of the damage! Did you have a camera handy right after the, err, incident? BTW, spousal unit is beginning to ask about when she can have the lawn back! I'll hold her off for awhile longer but we'll need to find a home for the blue (or is it green?) box sooner or later. Sounds like you're getting some in depth suspension knowledge...
klr142 said:
Turbo addition will definitely be first. I'm getting an intercooler and the turbo this Sunday, and then I already paid for the computers, injectors, resistor pack, and a turbo fuel pump(don't think I need to use this, and probably won't until I have reason to do otherwise), so I'm just waiting for them to be shipped. Even once I have all this, I won't get around to doing it because I don't have an exhaust, and I want an exhaust. A good one. From the start. :)


haha, kyle, that's one of my reasons for not having a completed +T yet :rofl:!

sucks to hear about the destruction...now's your chance to make it better than it was before, i'm sure it will come out just fine.

also, you might wanna think about doing a single walbro in tank 255LPH high pressure pump, and maybe selling the turbo pump instead. they are usually under $100 from places online and pretty easy to install also. gives you some headroom when you start to turn the wick up ;-)
Yeah, I've given it some light thought, but I'm not sure... I'll be hanging around lower boost levels(well, low enough, 8-12psi), starting at the lower levels and working my way up. We'll see how long it's been before I get an exhaust, and how much other money I have... Lol.
hurray! V15 ftw! :-D Glad that thing is working out for you...my K gives better powerband, but n/a ftl :-/
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DurableSwedish said:
hurray! V15 ftw! :-D Glad that thing is working out for me...my K gives better powerband, but n/a ftl :-/
I don't get it, how's that working out for you? My V15's wayyyy better than your K... For an auto anyway, not sure about top power so much, I haven't seen any dyno sheets with one installed. :-P

Anywho, I got my 240 style intercooler and my 13C yesterday... 2.4T computers, 804 greentops, resistor pack, 2.4 flywheel, clutch and pressure plate, and turbo fuel pump should be in the mail from the east coast any day now... Intercooler pipes will be on their way as well soon.

Then, it'll be the multiple month wait for some real, turbo back 3" mandrel bent exhaust... In the meantime I'll have to get the manifold and turbo ported, gotta make the most of the little thing!

Also, I might be swapping over to some Multi-x Bertone wheels... Put them up next to my car on Saturday, and it was SICK looking!

I'm waiting on my tax return before I start ordering the parts for my front end rebuild... And then also, my car's blowing the power window fuse randomly...!?
So I got my federal tax return... Ordered some of the stuff needed for the front end fix. Just waiting on someone to pay me for my last ebay auction before I order some poly control arm bushings from Dale. SS brake lines should be at the V Shop already I think... I need to pick up a plastic wheel well liner for the right front as well.

Now, I need to decide if I want to tap a nice deep hole in the block or weld a bung onto the replacement oil pan, while it's off, for the turbo oil drain...
My poor baby wants an oil change... It's been over 5k now... Mobil 1 and Mann though, so I'm not tooo worried. Also, it's been leaking a bit, and I burned a bit(when I did Seafoam again recently), so I've added a quart.

Anywho, just transfered some money to my paypal account so I can send money to the crank scraper guy and Dale... Strut mounts, oil pan gasket and some brake lines for my 142 have arrived. Just need to tell my boss to order the remaining things and he should be able to have them within the day I think... Still need to go to the shop and clean up/disassemble the "new" suspension though.

Here's the news... I swapped over to a 25mm rear bar from my 22mm bar... It feels sooooo much better. More neutral, and more planted. The rear end used to roll a good bit more, felt less stable... Now, when going around those tight hairpins in the hills and stuff, like 15mph ones, it barely pics up the inside rear tire! Not quite what I was expecting, but boy do I like it. :-D
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I'm supposed to have pictures right now, but someone's slacking on the emailing of them to me...

Anywho, not toooooo much going on over here. Yesterday I washed it and took some pictures. A few weeks ago I washed it and took pics as well, but then I accidentally deleted the pictures before I uploaded them!!! Damnit. I still don't have any clean, lowered pictures yet. Oh well, these upcoming ones will be well worth the wait.

While cleaning the car, I found that I suffer from some oxidation. I'm not sure if I'm going to worry about it and wax/polish it, or just wait until I get it buffed and de-striped and de-badged. If I get it debadged. Still not decided on that yet.

New news:
I cut off the rear muffler a couple weekends ago after hearing Jordan's(valvesprung) 245 with the same setup. It sounded damn sweet, although a bit loud. So, anyway, I did it, and am VERY pleased with it. It's definitely loud, but it's not going to get me pulled over, and it doesn't resonate too annoyingly. I put a nice and dirt cheap flex pipe on it that exits right behind the pass. side mudflap. You can see it in the pictures that'll be coming. I should paint it flat/matte black though so it blends in more and doesn't rust too bad. I like the performance, sound, and mileage increase I've gotten from it.

Poly control arm bushings, torque rod bushings, strut mounts, ball joints, tie rod end, replacement rack and subframe, replacement oil pan with O2 bung welded in for turbo oil return, motor and tranny mounts, 2 coil cut front springs, 2 coil cut wagon rear springs, and a crank scraper going in next weekend(not this one, but the next). Then, I'm going to drag race it. And have a sh!tload of fun.

When I drag race it I'm planning on doing tons of runs, trying out different things to see what's fastest, and just to have some things to compare and post up for everyone to learn from.

BTW, that rear 25mm swaybar? OMG I love it soooo much. If my car handles like this, with maaaaad toe in, too low front suspension with the geometry all thrown off, 185/70 oooooold crappy tires, bent subframe, old bushings, I can't IMAGINE what it's going to be like with proper tires, and all the other new stuff. Seriously. It's NUTS!!!

Tuff240 said:
I hope it drives better after the front end is straightened out and has a new rack in it because it sure is a hooptie rice mobile right now. :barf:
Fawk man. Just because it IS doesn't mean you have to TELL everyone. Jeez. It's a temp exhaust, it was free, and it improved my gas mileage, so I'll let it go until my other "muffler" and full exhaust goes on. The tethy's will remove most of it's ricer status as well(currently has sh!tty flat black steelies while my suspension's F'd up). We'll see how much of a ricer it is when we go to the track. (not that it'll be fast, but something decent is something decent)
Glad that's over with. Front suspension/steering/brakes overhaul:

DurableSwedish said:
:rofl: :rofl: loud, big wheels, slow...yep pretty much a ricer :-D
Well, at least I don't have stupid graphics on it, or any fake aero modifications. That pretty much makes me not a ricer, :p. Just not fast... And it's not like you're faster than me...

Thanks Addicted!
Lol. But that costs more money! I just need an e-fan, but going that route I'd need a custom downpipe, and a full exhaust...(3" all the way baby!) So we're looking at maybe $15-$50 vs $300-500... Right now I'm trying not to spend ANYTHING until I pay off 1600 on my credit card(which still leaves me with another 1000 on it...) and I make hardly an extra 3-500 a month. I have some stuff to sell, so that'll help, but still. Also, cancelling my insurance on the car and just riding a motorcycle might help too. Speaking of which, I've been meaning to make some calls to the dealers...
It's been a while, eh? I bought a motorcycle, got a flat, and am having to spend more money on it. I didn't cancel car insurance, because I need a car too, obviously. Anywho, not much new with the car... Tried out a cone filter and taking off the AC/PS belts at the drags, but didn't give the car enough time to learn the filter, and sucked hardcore.

That'll be it for drags with this car until it's turbo though, don't feel like wasting any more money. But, here's the thing, I will NOT be turboing it until probably next spring at the earliest. I want to get rid of some of the debt that I'm in.

I did get an alignment though... And learned to my dismay, that the subframe does not sit centered in the car, it's off to the passenger side a bit... Either partially because of the frame being a little cockeyed, and/or the subframe not being centered, which doesn't make too much sense. When I brought it in, I had about -.6 camber on the driver's side, and -1.3 on the passenger side! Now I'm at about -.6 on both sides... I really would've liked an even -1 on both sides though, damnit!

I need to update the first post with the car's current "spec" list and pictures. I also actually want to replace the lower cherry brace with some custom aluminum bracing that I want to make for it, but who knows when I'll get around to that.

Also, I've decided that this car is not going to get any further cosmetic mods, other than tint, new taillights, and a buffing after removing the pinstriping. It'll remain stock, and relatively low key. Oh, another thing I did was remove the amber reflectors in the front corners, and replace the parking lights with clear bulbs, but left the turn signal bulbs ambers.