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No longer mom's grocery getter(1991 244)

That was with the car stripped, no interior or seats, 15" wheels, the big valve head with real port work, etc..
Yes, I have. No thank you. 8V makes more torque and sounds soooo much better. I wasn’t impressed when we had one in the General Leif.
have you ever thought about installing a turbo? itll make torque and horsepower and still sound like a tractor.
I was all with you on building an NA motor. But watching you get small amounts of performance for a decent amount of work had me start buying turbo parts. Few more pieces and I'll be ready to +t. You move faster on cars, so if you started buying parts now I bet you'd be done before me.
I was all with you on building an NA motor. But watching you get small amounts of performance for a decent amount of work had me start buying turbo parts. Few more pieces and I'll be ready to +t. You move faster on cars, so if you started buying parts now I bet you'd be done before me.
I haven’t really done much performance wise to my car in the hopes of more power for a long long time. I actually had bought some turbo parts many years ago and my oil pan has a plug in it for an oil drain, but that ship sailed long ago and I have no interest in turboing the car anymore.

I think realistically it’s pretty simple to get these up to stock turbo levels of hp(K or H cam if not something larger and aftermarket coupled with a shaved head and some engine management tuning - no intake/exhaust mods needed aside from a 2.25” exhaust), but it’s more complicated to get much more than that. I’ll find out one day when I put my big valve head back on with another mm shaved off of it for a total of 2mm off. I’ll be opening up the combustion chamber slightly to unshroud the valves similar to what I did in the General Leif recently, but I’m not sold on adding a groove or two to it yet.

Then the question is when will I ever get around to putting a better intake manifold on the thing...

However, hp apparently has been made on even the junky B230 intake before... I assume with drawbacks at lower rpm due to the aggressive camshafts, though.

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New, more modern injectors for the car: Bosch 0280155868(or 0280155811 or 62203 or 24508208 or 24503406 or 2171389) from a Suoercharged Buick 3800 motor. Proper 15 degree cone spray pattern coming from an EV6 injector with the four hole nozzle. 12ohm impedance for drop in use with LH2.4 without an extra resistor pack like used on the stock turbo cars. Flow rate of 34.6-35.5lb/hr or 363-373cc/min at 3 bar of pressure compared to 32lb/hr and 337cc/min of the stock, later 0280150804 turbo 8V injectors. Running these injectors will permit over 200hp on E85 in the future if I want, and well over that with pump gas(not going to happen).

Here they are compared to the 850T injectors I just had cleaned for the General Leif. As you can see, they're missing the top groove for an injector clip. I may need to add that groove for the injector clip depending on the style used.

I don't expect much of a MPG gain with these injectors, but we shall see. I do expect it to idle a little bit better and they'll support more power than what I'm currently running, as well as straight E85 if I want.

I was reading through my thread... Good times, sounds and hilarious Simon video... Maybe my bottom end really is getting weaker(why wouldn't it!), I barely beat my best automatic equipped 1/4 mile time this last time out...

At the end of this movie you can hear the car how it currently sits... Sadly you still can't see much(yet another video of my car in the dark, haha). Good stuff from Simon, as always!

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/XCMnPr6dvXE" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>

3rd gear pulls... Dynojet dyno, so it should be comparable with my H cam dyno pulls last time, except for the fact that these are in 3rd gear instead of 4th. Which could be making them read lower. *sigh* I guess a trip to the drag strip is in order before I give up on this camshaft for now. It's just too big for my manifolds, and I don't want to spend vacation money on the car right now. Maybe if I get a nice tax return, but that would require DOING my taxes.




<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/YLoqv55zCuA" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>
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Hmm, I wonder how these would be to replace the d-jet injectors on the 140?

Aren't most/all the EV6 injectors high impedence? D-jet is low-impedence, so I don't think it would work. That, and the proprietary injector holds will give you hell.
Maybe you know something I don't?
I didn't notice much of anything when I changed to the EV6 in my 245. Maayyybbbeee the idle quality improved about this much. Can't see that from where you are? Neither can I.
Yeah yeah, who knows. Having the wrong spray pattern in there can’t help though!

Here’s some random food for thought though:
This is my head.

We took the head after Robert went through it and raced it on the General Leif for one race, but I think it really needs another .040”/1mm shaved off of it. Or, I was just jaded by driving the car with a 2.6L stroker and higher compression in the car’s previous setup? Cranking compression on the General’s bottom end was around 145-165psi with a stock headgasket and ENEM K13 cam. Supposedly around 47cc chambers(roughly measured by Robert). Back when it was on this car’s bottom end, it had around 200-210psi cranking compression with the .040” head gasket(not sure which cam but likely smaller than the K13, maybe an H at the time?). The General’s current setup with the .123”/3mm shaved 405 head with 44-45cc chambers(roughly measured by me after unshrouding and adding a groove) has 193-210psi cranking compression with a stock head gasket and K13 cam. I want somewhere closer to that with this head.

Then I want to have it flowed again by a reputable shop to see what this head actually flows because the initial work and testing by RSI was all a failure. Granted, I didn’t pay much for the work and this may be why. Half assed. Maybe it partially explains for why so many were surprised with my lack of increased power over what some could do with a more stock VOC setup?

One day we’ll find out, but I fear it won’t be an apples to apples comparison.

Oh, and one day I’ll get around to registering the car as a classic and driving it again. The tags expired four months ago! Poor car. I want a bigger garage, too.
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