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No longer mom's grocery getter(1991 244)

Crazy. There are a lot of rules that most people don't know about, so it doesn't surprise me! I guess this makes it easier to blend in? I'm ok with that...
Man, the first post of this thread is sad. No pictures now that OVT's website is gone. :-( I added at least one(old) picture of the car for now at the bottom.

Anyway, the check engine light was for an ECT sensor signal fault, which as most with LH2.4 know is a pain in the butt that is usually caused by a poor ground connection where the two grounds at the fuel rail splice into the wiring harness below the intake manifold. The light was being triggered almost every time I drove it after having it reset so I drove it into work this last Friday expecting it to come on again, but it didn't. So, instead of playing with that, I swapped the white top 16V injectors back in and some Denso Iridium Twin Tip modern spark plugs to take advantage of modern technology in one way and get rid of it in another. The pink body p2 injectors I was running have 4 holes but are a split beam pattern that isn't ideal. I have some larger EV6, more modern injectors in mind for the future if I get around to it. They're larger than turbo injectors though, so overkill for what I'm doing unless using E85. I don't know if I'll need to do that, though, as the General Leif isn't spark limited for MBT on pump gas even. It does have a grooved head though, so maybe that's why. I won't be doing that with the big valve 530 head.

I also got a replacement wideband oxygen sensor kit from AEM under warranty with no complaints and it is working fine now(sensor was the main culprit, I think). Its GREAT to have a working wideband in the car again! I like dialing in the fueling and have been driving around with the lambda correction turned off. I only drive the car 1-3 times a month, but it's nice to get it dialed back in.

Speaking of getting it dialed back in, the pink body injectors required me to take a good chunk of fuel out to get them to reasonable AFRs with lambda feedback turned off! I wasn't expecting them to be that bad. In any case, I went from running the stock Injector Constant 1 value of 131 to 115 and my AFRs were back in line with lambda off. When I put the white top injectors in(that may need to be cleaned as they've been sitting unused for the past 3 or so years), I bumped the IC1 up to 125 and everything was damn close right away. I have tweaked the map a bit more and am happy with it for now I think.

I also burned three different ignition chips(all with less advance than stock) after finding out with the General Leif on the dyno that I've been running too much ignition advance on this car forever, hence the detonation problems. I'll have to get it on a dyno and dial it in more once I get the big valve head back on.

I also played with the idle speed settings to somewhat replicate the more modern cars where they idle high after the car is first started to help the engine and cat warm up. I haven't found the right table(if it exists) where it raises the idle speed for "X" amount of time after starting, so I just bumped up the idle speed when the coolant temps are low. Not ideal, but it helps it warm up a little faster and idles smoother.

I need to find room in my garage to get all the junk out of the trunk as I currently have Harald's coil-overs and some other misc. parts just sitting back there. It has a ton of grip in the wet like that but it's not good for slipping around enjoyment or cornering fast!

Oh, at some point in the past year, the headrest supports broke on my driver's seat so I swapped in a seat Marc had lying around. It also sucks, but it is at least mostly intact. I need to figure something out to replace the seats with something that is actually performance oriented or rebuild my original. I don't take much of any time to look into this stuff or work on this car anymore... The General Leif gets almost all of my car stuff, or I am always researching camshafts....... Hah. More power to come from that thing this year, and hopefully this thing, too!

I will be dropping the General Leif's stock valved 405 head and my 46/38mm 530 head off at a machine shop hopefully later this month to be flow tested. I will also have them shave another .040" off my 530 as it only has .040" off at the moment to bump this car's static compression ratio up further to better match the ENEM K13 camshaft that I'll probably put back in it. It's currently in the 405 head on the General, but we're going to go wilder in that this year.

Here's an almost 2 year old picture(thanks Ansel!), as I apparently don't have much of anything more recent. Makes sense considering the car has been driven probably less than 30 days in the past two years, total. Maybe more, but not much if so!


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