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No longer mom's grocery getter(1991 244)

Poly torque rod bushings are in, and DAMN does it feel a lot better!!! And my old ones weren't even split yet!!! Definitly a very highly thought of mod for ANYONE in my book. I love them!
Bump to the first page... Edited the first post to include basically everything done to the car, along with pictures...
Poly torque rod bushings are in, and DAMN does it feel a lot better!!! And my old ones weren't even split yet!!! Definitly a very highly thought of mod for ANYONE in my book. I love them!

DOESNT IT! Love looking at pictures of your car. i love haw the car stops with them in.

All you need is turbo so your car can be broken like mine!!!
DOESNT IT! Love looking at pictures of your car. i love haw the car stops with them in.

All you need is turbo so your car can be broken like mine!!!
No brokenness! Only fixxedness! I'll be getting the AC converted and working sometime in the next couple of months... Might toss in some stiffer, cut wagon springs in the rear too. But, the car's for sale still...
I am planing on doing an entire suspension, steering and brake over haul as well and just wanted to know how you cleaned off your strut housing and other components. Also what was the total cots of all the replaced parts. Thanks and sweat car man
Basically we threw stuff in the parts washer to get it warmed up and get the dirt off, then used a plastic knife to scrape off as much of the undercoating as possible, while warm. Then used laquer thinner and carb/brake cleaner to finish getting the stuff off. Major pain in the ass, major mess. Price wise, I don't know if anything I got will compare to what you'll be doing.
If I were buying stuff online, I'd get as much as I could from Taylorautomotive.com, they have some of the best prices. There's another place with sometimes even cheaper prices, but I can't think of it right now.

I used mostly Meyle parts, but moog and TRW are also ones I'd consider. Actually, I think some of my stuff was Moog as well...

Regarding the wheels, they do rub, but only because the tires are too large(235/45-17 with 25mm adapters) and my suspension is drastically lowered and not stiff enough for that low. I also have an adjustable panhard rod to help as much as possible in the back. The rubbing isn't bad enough to stop me from driving the piss out of it when opportunities present themselves. For the most part. I try to stay away from big bumps at high speeds though.

EDIT: Forgot to mention, there's about 30 minutes worth of heavy plastic mallet "work" on the rear fender lips...
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Are you sure www.taylorautomotive.com is the right site? Because it does not seem to be working correctly. Yes your correct in your assumption that i have not read though all the posts but i will put that on my list of things to read. I can't think of any thing else to ask you right now but i am sure i will come up with something soon. Thanks for the info.
You're right... It seems their site is down or something. Try http://www.thepartsbin.com/ and other places. FCPGroton, etc. If you have further questions, please try to ask them in a PM or make another thread for them. I kind of wanted to keep this thread just for my car's information. Less clutter.
This car's going to be popping back into DD mode pretty soon! YAY!!!

B cam'll go in, some cut wagon rear springs, cut GT springs up front, and maybe some smaller sway bars...
The A cam was a nice improvement in low end torque, but midrange and top end is lacking compared to the V15. I actually got better gas mileage on the highway with the V15! My plans are below to pick up some of the low end torque that I'll be giving up by going back to the V15...

The reason I went with the A cam over the B cam, is that it would be more turbo and DD friendly than the B cam. This car is not going to be turbocharged for at least a couple years. And, FWIW, I drove a B cam equipped LH2.2 version of my car, and came away convinced that the A does indeed have a slightly stronger low end, and a slightly weaker top end. Both have decent midranges, with the B being slightly stronger there as well. (Later edit, they're different engine management systems so there's no way to tell without actually doing the back to back comparisons, but the specs suggest what I felt...)

Swapped in an A cam, took it to the drags last weekend, might be swapping the V15 back in later today or tomorrow... I have an adjustable cam gear on the way to wake it up a tad on the low end, and I need to ground a couple of pins coming out of the ignition computer to get some advanced ignition timing as well. Other than that, nothing's new on it really, and there won't be too much, aside from swapping rear springs for some cut wagon springs(I wish I had overloads...) and putting some Billy HD's on it back there as well. I have some GT front springs and some HDs for the front, but those will wait for another weekend sometime this summer. :) After that, it's just going to be getting driven for the most part, getting the AC converted, maybe getting tint towards the end of the summer. Otherwise, I want to pay off some debt before I go any further. Unless I find somewhere that'll do up a 2.5" exhaust for cheap, with mufflers of my choice, but that's highly doubtful. Oh, and of course, I'll be doing some more drag racing throughout the summer... :) There's a long list of things I want to do, but those'll be the sum of them. Oh, and my rear SS brake lines will finally be going on this weekend too(fronts are already on), and I will eventually get new PBR Ultimate pads all around sometime later this summer as well. :cheers:
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And low end... :)

As for last night and today, I settled for some wagon rear springs, rear bilstein HDs, a MUCH needed car wash(pictures coming in the next day or so), and some exploring of the ignition/fuel computers and how I'm going to attack the ignition advance project. I'm going to go look right now for the turbo fuel computer in the garage, and toss it in in a few minutes. Might I say though, the bilsteins and 2.5(+on one side) coils cut from wagon springs(vs 2 coils cut from the stockers) feels freaking GREAT. No more bottoming out back there! I actually left it a tad higher up than it was with the original springs, almost a 1/4 of an inch higher on the driver's side, and about an 1/8th higher on the passenger side. The passenger side of the car is still about a 1/8th or so higher than the driver's side, with no driver. I'm not to worried about it though because it was a bigger gap between the two with the original cut springs, and the front's more even than it was previously as well. Next route(after cut GT springs and HDs up front) will be coil overs with custom rates and correction for the angles up front. That won't happen for a gooooood few years, if ever. :)

And yeah, didn't get around to swapping the V15 back in yet, because I left it at home! Oops! Last night was freaking awesome though, it was amazing just working away in the shop until 6AM... It was literally freezing outside... I had my car heat the shop for a bit before I started working in it. It was nuts though, time was just flying by and so much stuff was getting done!!! :-D
Me likey:


More pictures going in there soon after I go and get my camera out of my car and load them up. Those first 14 are from Aaron's camera(evolwun on OVT).