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Noisy cam?


New member
May 18, 2003
Santiago de Chile
Hi all.
I've just set the valve clearances in my 740t to 0.014-0.016 in. (cold) trying to quiet down the new cam, but it's still noisy compared to the stock T cam. It's a cam very similar to v15 cam. Have anyone of you guys experienced a valve/tappet noise with the V15 cam?
Does it sound like a sewing machine? Did you replace the rubber valve absorbers when you swapped cams?
Without the silencers? I believe your supposed to check them with the old silencers in first. Do a search.
Naw you're supposed to set clearances without silencers, then put them in after. So Volvero is right. I'm not sure what could be causing the noise. Was the cam Parkerized? (black graphite coating)