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240 (not) interchangeable parts 242 and 244


Dec 9, 2014
The Netherlands

I was wondering, which parts are (not) interchangeable between a 242 and a 244. A lot is, but what is not?

I know for certain pretty everything considering the doors(except for power windows and speakers obviously), the front seats and the side panels near the rear seat.

What else is(n't) interchangeable?

Thanks in advance,
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everything is interchangeable. exept for all the parts that involve the doors (expect the hinges)
other then that its nice to have foldable seats and basicaly thats it i think
Interior stuff like sills, seat belts, carpet (minimally different, swappable just not exactly the same). Power windows swap right over, power door locks you have to extend the harness to reach.

Hardest part of putting power guts in the old doors was getting the wires through the smaller door opening!