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(Not*) Mediocre 242

Nothing big really. My windows stopped moving for some reason, and I want to improve my turbo oil drain.

GS7D36SG from an M4.

master of burying the lede.

I'm going to start casually working the drain thing on my side, I'll let you know what we're thinking. At some point we should try to check that there's not a significant difference in the position of fittings on our setups if two of something get made.
I'm stoked to see how many people this thing pissed off with the DCT in it and 30+ psi on ethanol.
The OE installation uses a flywheel with a splined coupler on it, all the adapters I've seen including the whiteblock one I bought also has a flywheel. I don't know if anyone has tested one of these gearboxes with just a flexplate. There might be some control issues if you reduce the inertia too much.
Well it's been over a year since I even thought about this thread; I guess it's time for an update. Biggest thing that happened is my car now has a DCT. It's a GS7D36SG from a BMW M4 as the ratios work well with my rear gear. I use the HTG GCU to control it and send data from my ECU to the GCU through CAN.

The GCU is great, but is still very much in development. However, HTG has made huge strides recently and are always willing to help. They recently helped me fix a few problems to get it driving. I'm still in the process of tuning the transmission, but I drove it to and from English Racing's dyno the other day. At the dyno, I worked on tuning the transmission and breaking in the engine. I plan to have a remote tuning session with HTG in the next couple weeks to further refine my tune.

Pretty much the whole reason I wanted this transmission was for the shifter. It's a sequential style made by DCT Shifter. It has two microswitches in the base to for shift requests. With this shifter, the DCT swap is the poor man's street-friendly sequential in my mind. I modified the shifter to have a blink marine keypad to control the different drive modes. With the keypad, I control whether the transmission is shifting fully automatic, fully manual, or whether to put it in neutral or reverse.

I'm not sure if I said it before, but I had some machine work done to my engine from January 2020 to June 2021 because I heard a knocking from the engine when initially installing the transmission. Turns out my main line bore wasn't great and one of the main bearings had some uneven wear. I had a machine shop fix the main line and polish the crank. I then installed some new bearings and rings. The machine shop took forever, but seem to have done a good job. In any case it runs now.

I'm still using a 7670 EFR, but once I get my car driving smoothly and reliably with this new setup, that will change. I've got something in the works that should push me a little closer to 700 hp with no real penalties over my current turbo.

Another thing that needs to change is the ECU. Megasquirt just isn't cutting it for me anymore. I'm using all the I/O, and pretty much every available feature the ECU offers, but still can't do what I want. I really need to convert to DBW for those sweet, sweet throttle matched downshifts. I'll most likely be upgrading to a MaxxECU Pro or a Motec M150 this winter. Motec is great, but it's expensive and doesn't really like when you try to do stuff that they don't plan for/have available in their package. MaxxECU seems to have great features and support, but it's dimensionally huge and will pose a packaging challenge. The MaxxECU race doesn't have quite enough I/O for me and I don't really want to deal with expanders, but that is an option. The Maxx Pro is just about 10" wide compared to the 6.5" wide M150. If I can get a deal on a Motec, I'll probably do that, otherwise I'll probably get the Maxx.

That about covers everything I've been doing to the car over the last year.

Here's a quick video my buddy made of me on the dyno working on the transmission tune:

Here are some pictures. Ignore the wires under the glove box. The footwell cover isn't on because I need it off to access the GCU:






Still keeping the header and everything. Just swapping turbos. The new one should give me just a little more compressor flow and a nice bump in efficiency. Plus it'll be cool to have a turbo I designed on the car.
It's going to be a Xona. Probably a 59 mm inlet compressor wheel and the 64s turbine wheel. Should produce ~75 lb/min mass flow at choke and have a high efficiency island right around 79% compared to the ~65 lb/min and 75% max efficiency of the EFR.
It's going to be a Xona. Probably a 59 mm inlet compressor wheel and the 64s turbine wheel. Should produce ~75 lb/min mass flow at choke and have a high efficiency island right around 79% compared to the ~65 lb/min and 75% max efficiency of the EFR.

Very nice! :cheers:

The EFRs use some very... uh, "legacy" compressor designs and never really impressed me in that regard. The turbines were ambitious and interesting, the overall turbo product line was comprehensive, but it seems like BW ran out of steam or didn't have the resources to develop a proper modern compressor for them.
Yes they do. I always think it's a bit funny that the SXE line got the improved compressor over the EFR. That said, I've been happy with my EFR, but there is definitely room for an upgrade.