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October 14: Meadwestern Volvo Meat @Ambrosia Orchard, Fort Wayne, Indiana.


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Apr 8, 2013
Fort Wayne
For those that don't know, my wife and I own a Orchard, Cidery, and Meadery in Fort Wayne, Indiana. We have a 12 acre property with plenty of grassy areas for parking and camping.

We have a smoker and a commercial kitchen. We have around 6,000 gallons of booze at any given moment.

We love Volvos and have 5-7 on hand at any given moment.

How about we host a Meet?

When: Saturday, October 14th. Starting at 10am

Where: 14025 US 27, Fort Wayne, IN 46816
1.5 hours north of Indianapolis. 2.5 hours southeast of Chicago.

10am - meet and greet with a tour of the orchard. Stage cars for photos and prepare for partial solar eclipse.

1pm - A cruise to Halls Drive-In (classic drive in burger joint) and then to the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Museum. (One of the best car museums in the world, look it up!)

5pm - Show and tell, eat smoked meats provided by me for absolutely free. I will probably make smoked pulled pork and beef hot dogs with a few sides.

5-9pm- buy cider and mead to drink now or later.

7pm - camping/bonfires/story tellings/possible private rally cross.

Sunday (I really have no idea here....open to input)

If you are interested and willing to attend, please post in thread.


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Bump. Trying to gather if there is enough interest to host this.

Is there a better date/time of the year for people? Keep in mind it really soggy from April through early June.

It's a frozen tundra (also simultaneously soggy) from November - March.

Unfortunately September we have a lot of festivals and usually can't plan any events.
Honestly if you want to commit to the weekend of October 14th this year, I'm in. Mountainmeet will continue to be the 2nd/3rd/4th weekend of September, and the mid-October date was vacated by Peterpalooza. I think that's good timing.
Bump, thread updated with times. If you want to camp out either Friday or Saturday night, that's cool, if not that's cool too. I imagine this can grow into something larger overtime.

I'll have 4 volvos to bring (possibly 5 if I trailer one).
Sounds great. I hope this turns out a success and you do it again next year. Can't make it this year. Wife is from MI so we would do it on the way up.
I'm thinking I'll leave on Thursday evening and drive up to the Bristol TN/VA area, camp, and then head out on Friday. There are a few stops I'd like to make along the way, probably find another spot to camp in southern Indiana or something, and roll in Saturday morning.