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odd idea on tps mounting

going to a custom intake. linkage is odd, and abnormal. Anyone tried to adpat it to the gas pedal instead? The same concept as a me7/ etb car, just with a cable also. Might work better for me. Tps should last longer without the heat and vibration, and there would be less wiring mess and space issues on the tb(s).

that is basicly how a drive-by-wire setup works...

the biggest issue would ensuring that it is always 1:1 between the TPS and the throttle body...don't want to have any false readings due to slop in your linkage or cable system...
MAPdot might be easier.

but they're supposed to used together, right?

I mean even in the megamanual it says the TPS is there so the second you mash it, accel enrichments happen instead of waiting the ~1/10s for the MAP to read the new air.
It sounds like a good idea, but what kind of throttle body are you planning on using?
Since you're custom, I'd go on summit racing, and find a ___ throttle body, and use the integrated TPS with it.
Like this?
MAPdot might be easier.

mapdot is not so good with an itb car, the pulses even through a chamber are too inconsistent. better to run hybrid alpha-n if you're not going to use tps dot.

slop in the linkage isnt such a big deal for tps readings, on a boosted car tps angle has little to do with load.
It doesn't really have to be accurate. So long as it's relatively consistent at the lower and upper extremes, it could be completely nonlinear and still work fine. It's only used for idle control, flood clear, and accel enrich, none of those require any significant degree of precision.
And it doesn't really need to be that precise even for hybrid alpha-n, as long as it is consistently un-linear. The fuel map would just have to be set accordingly.