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Outdoor Car Storage Brake Rotor Protection


Aug 2, 2004
Salem MA
Hello all,

I put away my 940 every winter outside under a Wolf car cover. Take out battery, new fluids, etc.

and every spring my brake rotors need to be turned because of the corrosion everywhere except under the pad.

So I'm interested in some experiances/opinions on how i should prevent this from happening in the future.

My Dad says to cover the rotors with WD-40 before i put the car away. But that just doesn't seem good for stoping distance.

Think weatherproof tire covers would help?

Thank you all,
Interesting question, and one I recently was thinking myself, the 940 brakes I bought to go on my turbo are rusting fast, I have no idea how rusty you can let them get before needing to have them machined.

In my mind it's a big no to wd40 or even many other lubes, so many will have stuff that will probally kill pads etc, I was thinking fish oil maybe?, but regardless of what you use, I think you would need to spray them down with brake cleaner once you were ready to use the car again.