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Pdx dl

Just a 740 insert, zip-tied in a 240 shell. At some point "part-out fatigue" sets in ("Hey, thanks for sending me 17 more photos of that rare, left-handed, Volvo widget you have listed for $100, would you take $16 and ship it to Timbuktu?") and we call good enough, "good enough." Couldn't sell her as a driver for $3,500 / not deducting for shipping, netted $8,500 re-homing parts to other enthusiasts. Hoping to have the blue 242 running in the next few days.
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Carl's wagon was a solid 20 footer at the right angles. It had seen better days for sure. Some of the trim was held in with sheet metal screws, PO things that were just straight hackery.

I love how much hate Carl is getting over the 740 grill hack :rofl:
I love three stall garages...

Nice. That reminds me of my stunt where I once parked 2 cars in a 1.5 car garage just to see if it could be done... wonder if I have a picture.

And the fact that your garage floor is clean enough to walk barefoot?? Yea! My hat's off to you, boss!
Got the LH wiring through the firewall to the computer. Tidied up some things.


3" down pipe in. Just need to take 2-3"out of the mid pipe.


Tidy, tidy.


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Hey Ken! Been a long time. We had some fun on this project, didn’t we?


Then put it up on jackstands for 36 months, spend $3K - $5K on go fast parts, fail to get it running, take a sound beating parting it out, and tow it to PnP for the $60 they're paying for a car without an engine.

Then trip over said engine in the garage for a couple years whilst the boys play Letterman's 10 Best Reasons to Nix a TB Deal with you.

Man, nothing like a good roasting from the boss!

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Happy Halloween! Chicks dig DL's from beyond the grave!

No idea about this one:

This one sought permission. Great album.


Epic trip...