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Photo Galleries

? Urls only ?
Please post no pics in this thread

Comments to describe the url content are welcome. Don't worry if you repost an url. Also feel free to report any broken links.

For posting photos of your car, please see this thread:


Everything that was posted and that could be added, was added. I've gone ahead and removed all other posts in order to keep this thread nice and neat. Please continue to post urls to interesting photo galleries below? :nod:

Also please don't hesitate to report dead links.

If you had posted photos in this thread, or posted urls to individual photos, I moved them over to this thread:

Also note this thread is intended for interesting photo galleries, not for urls to individual photos, so if you have a bunch of photos, create a page, then post the link to that page. Then if the page is really boring, I will either ignore it or endeavor to say so under the url.

At a more advantageous moment, I will go through all of the urls and either note they are dead or remove them.
Quoting TFT (wherever he is now) to note the intent of the thread, and the link to the pics thread. I will move posted pics to that thread, and if I have time today, will delete dead links, etc.
Early pics (2004-2010) of volvo mods, non-volvos, build-up and death of Wolly the 245, cobbling/painting Rob Prince's drift 242, and the time a vandal burned most of my volvos.

2002-2007 autocross pics, including Volvos.

2007 Imports at Carlisle PA, with Rob's drift car and Paul Schuh's 245, Doug Kauer's 242 on Blackbricks(?)'s trailer, early Bne squad, (pre-flares) and the Oshawa crew.

The first Volvos at Ikea meet, on the water at Philadelphia PA, Spring 2008.

Modding a late 244 in 2014, getting the Matt's Memorial Journal signed before the big road trip (DC, VA Beach, etc), Peterpalooza '14 photo shoot in Cape May NJ, and Carlisle 2014.

Trip with Matt's Journal from Delaware to NC, FL, TX, AL.

Matt's journal (tribute to Matthew Dion, started by Bready in Seattle, handed from person to person for 10(?) years, finished by Bready)

xmas 2020-21 trip delivering a Volvo PV 445 Duett from Delaware (it lived in VA) to Bremerton WA

Mountain Meet 2021