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Pics of your volvos on jackstands.

Alex Buchka

8 cylinders
Apr 8, 2004
Los Angeles
We've got the volvos on trackdays thread, the inspirational volvos thread, and the hot 200/700/900 threads. It's time to bring everyone back down to earth. Post up your best shots of the projects you have no realistic hope of finishing. Cars on wheels need not apply. I'll go first:

Hahah, great thread. I'll see if I can find something.

Trailers count?

And the old car having Bondo exhaust made
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Not a Volvo. But an old Jag hanging around my Dad's place. Waiting to punch a huge hole in my wallet some day.

I'm trying to get this one in paint in a couple of weeks - nothing at all inside it or attached to it except for the front struts at this point (engine was removed this weekend). My definition of delusion.